Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Carseat

I forgot to mention I took a class last week where I got a free carseat and fire extinguisher.  I'm appreciative of my free seat but I don't love it.  It just doesn't look very comfy.  No, I didn't sit my big butt in it however it just looks hard and it isn't cute!  Yes, I know that is NOT important.  LOL  I did some checking and the carseat is okay for the value...we got shortchanged on the cushioning though so I would have to buy more if this were it.  I'm going to use this carseat as the back-up for her padrinos (godparents) who live 5 five minutes away and grandmother when she comes to town.  Other than that, I'm still getting a Britax!  


hazel said...

Go idea, this one will be the perfect 2nd seat.

Stacy said...

having an extra carseat is so helpful, for travel, car break downs etc. ANYTHING to keep from haivng to remove, install, remove re-install your primary one. Isn't it fun to look at that carseat in your car though!!! Imagine, one day!!!