Saturday, December 11, 2010

You Can Call Her...


Yes, Sen and Mercy you were right in the name game. Baby I's name is Isley "R" (oh, yes another letter we cannot share the official name of until we pass court). After looking at that beautiful face I just couldn't stand to call her Baby I again.

And no one got the date guess correct. And Rebecca you were the only one to guess 3 months for Isley's age. Now what do you win? I have no idea! LOL I'm terrible at mailing things, but since I'm in such a great mood these days send me your mailing address and I'll find a little token to send.

So, until I write the next post, here are some fun facts about Isley R, she:
  • is a happy and healthy 3 month old (translation...stealing the other kids bottles)
  • looks like a chocolate cherub (translation: sweet and beautiful with pouty lips) or an M&M (translation: round and bald head)
  • has the biggest prettiest eyes (translation: will be able to wrap everyone around her girl)
  • is very verbal (translation: has a big mouth like the rest of her family)
  • loves to play (translation: will be creative)
  • has the cutest little smirks and smiles (translation: will get into everything)
Thanks all for being such a great source of support throughout the years. And I am so excited about all the new Gladney APs that stopped by to say congrats...what an awesome community! Now, I can finally get to some real posts again! I'm even going to get a new blog and I have a new title I'm excited about! I'll move over when Isley comes home and the adventure begins. Wanna know what it is or should I wait? See I'm pretty verbal too (translation: big mouth). ;-)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Want to start Again With the Date Game?

Well, since I haven't gotten a referral yet, that means no one was a winner. So, how about trying again...nothing beats a failure but a try. What day will I receive a referral? LOL Have fun! (ha ha) In the meantime I guess I'll send off paperwork for updating fingerprints! sighh