Monday, September 17, 2007

The World of Me to She

As I am sitting around working and thinking about doing absolutely nothing this evening I realized that my blog should really be subtitled a single woman's journey from the world of ME to SHE. I even thought about saying WE but does it really become we? From all I am now doing and what I understand parenthood is all about, it is really about the kid. And be sure they demand that it is all about them. They rule the world and you are just there for their amusement, it is not the other way around!

So wait, let me understand this. I'm going through all of this so this little person can cry, dictate to me what they will and will not do...Have temper tantrums....Get sick, get me sick, make me miss work, pee on me, mess up my nice clothes and spill juice in my great she can tell me NO...become a teenager, learn to roll her eyes (making me try very hard not to slap them out of her head) and then say "I hate you" under her breath...I'm praying it is under her breath.

My mother said this is my autobiography AND I deserve a daughter! Thanks MOMMY!


Leslie said...

Too funny--yes, that is what we're signing on for! And the laughter and smiles and "I love you, mommy"s too! :)

Tasha said...

Amen to that!

Tami said...

It's nice to have new blood to my blog Tasha! :-)

Tracey said...

It's true that once you become a mom, especially a single mom, there is very little I left. But it isn't entirely going to be SHE either. I feel like most of my life with Amara is WE. I think the way you get that perspective is that you really enjoy seeing your child happy. for example, I started Amara in music classes. I spent a couple hundred bucks, and I have to drive to Gaithersbury every Saturday morning for HER. But, she loves it so much, and it makes me so happy to see her enjoying herself. So, if feels like it is about US, not just her. Now, I still don't think I am ever going to want to go to Disneyworld on vacation instead of say, Belize, but you never know.

haze said...

Too true, Tami. I sometimes ask myself, "Myself, are you crazy?? Do you really want juice & snot all over your furniture and EVERYWHERE ELSE??"


But I'm counting on the rewards of motherhood to outweigh those moments of pettyness.

Anonymous said...

She will love you more than anyone has ever loved you, and you will feel the same way about her... the bodily fluids, viruses, crying, etc. just won't matter to you. My Saab is a disgusting mess now after 2 years w/twins, my new house has crayon on the wall and scratches on the (just refinished) floor, my favorite nice shirt has a lasting stain from someone spitting out her gummy bear vitamin on me -- and it all is irrelevent bc of the love. And don't worry about others holding her unless there are some overriding attachment issues or techniques. But in general, you will be her mom and she'll be your little girl and all the other people who love her will be other beloved people but not mom! As a single mom of twins I had help with my twins from the start and many people besides me fed, changed, burped them and it didn't matter a bit w/our bond bc they always always knew who was their mom. It is the most special deep bond there is. Best of luck to you w/your adoption. I can't wait to read about your success.