Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No More Tears

It's always better in the morning.  These past few years have not been easy for me and yesterday was like the sour icing on my dropped cake.  I felt like my world had come to a complete halt.  

Early this morning I prayed and decided to give it up to God.  So much has happened and it has all happened for a reason.  I know that and have always believed so why stop now just because things aren't going my way?  He has never forsaken me before and will not now.  His Grace and Mercy are so apparent in my life how can I be anything but humbled and grateful. 

I've been on this path for over a year now; I was planning on submitting my dossier in the next few weeks so it would have been two years when Baby I came home anyway.  Two years will move fast.  Who knows what other blessings he will have in store for me during that time.  I have a lot of things I need to do so I'll just get to doing them.  I'm sure I'll still have pangs of sadness and want to rush the process but I'm good...God is working my life out.  

All of the things I can look forward to doing for two more years:
  • sleeping
  • traveling
  • shopping
  • spending money on me
  • fixing up my house
  • working late
  • dating (maybe finding a husband...lol)
  • sleeping more
  • not cooking for two
  • working on my new blog (I'll post the link soon)
  • starting to work towards my black belt
  • living fabulously
Hey, the more I read this list I'm thinking I'm going to like this (smile).   Maybe I'll get a dog.  

Be Blessed,


Monday, November 17, 2008

Heartbroken and Shutting Down

I just learned today that because of the new ruling for single women by MOWA and where I fall on my agency's approval list, my daughter won't be home until sometime in 2011.  I am heartbroken.  I've been crying in my mother's arms like a baby.  It's a good thing I am in South Carolina dealing with a family illness (I guess). 

I wanted you all to know, I am shutting my blog down.  I can't continue this for the next two years.  I know everything happens for a reason although I don't know what the reason for this is yet.  I'll miss you all!  

See you in two years!  



Day Late Dollar Short

I hate to loose out on a bargain!  Man, oh man.  Yesterday, all of you lucky ducks who won the Britax carseat I'm a little salty over here!  I wanted one.  When I found out about it last night around 10pm Target caught on and it was G-O-N-E!  So, so, sad!  If anyone bought an extra one let me know.  If you didn't buy an extra one boo on you!  LOL  I'm glad you got a bargain though.  I still have plenty of time to hopefully find another great bargain.  Lip stuck out and pouty face I have!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Quickie

I've been so out of it lately dealing with family issues that I haven't posted until Elsa's Mom posted this meme.  I decided to play since it would take my mind off of my dramas, for at least five minutes, to post this.   You gotta love one word answers.  Quick, short and to the point. Nothing like a quickie...heehee.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

· Where is your mobile phone? Here

· Where is your significant other? Dreams

· Your hair color? Red

· Your mother? Awesome

· Your father? Dead

· Your favorite thing? Travel

· Your dream last night? Unknown

· Your dream goal? Peace

· The room you’re in? Hotel

· Your hobby? Design

· Your fear? Alone

· Where do you want to be in 6 years? Family

· Where were you last night? Mother

· What you’re not? Rich

· One of your wish-list items? Villa

· Where you grew up? Cleveland

· The last thing you did? Eat

· What are you wearing? PJs

· Your TV? Watched

· Your pets? None

· Your computer? Appendage

· Your mood? Reflective

· Missing someone? Me

· Your car? Tickets

· Something you’re not wearing? Thongs

· Favorite shop? Target

· Your summer? Over

· Love someone? Unconditionally

· Your favorite color? Orange

· When is the last time you laughed? Today

· When is the last time you cried? Yesterday

Okay, your turn...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did!

As I sit in front of my TV with tears streaming down my face the only thing I can say is WE DID IT!  God IS SO GOOD!  I have so many feelings right now, I just can't seem to put them into words, but one thing I do know is...tomorrow IS a new day.  Change is coming.  Wow! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's the Day

I know we will all be on pins and needles today.  
Enjoy your day.  
Talk to you tomorrow!  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Square Biz - Little Bo Beeps Wedding Dress?

About 20 years ago, my grandmother gave me the wedding dress she wore when she married my grandfather (very handsome couple don't you think?).  She made me promise to use it (notice I didn't say wear it) while saying neither of her daughters would ever wear it, so I was her best chance.  I promised I would, but she may have had a better shot leaving it to one of my infant cousins.  Here I am almost 40, never married, and no prospect of a husband.  Making lemons out of lemonade...I do have a wonderful baby girl coming home soon.  What better way to use a part of my grandmother's dress than by capturing her love with a little square for Baby I's quilt?  But I wondered is this the right thing to do, to cut up her dress? My prom dress is one thing but the wedding dress?  Hmmm, not so sure.  I decided to try the dress on to make sure I was doing the right thing.  

First, let me set the picture for you.  My house is just cold.  I refuse to cut the heat on before Nov.  and the thermostat reads 57.  So, I'm living in my basement family room and bedroom with a space heater, but I don't have a long mirror downstairs so I'm upstairs in my bedroom room shivering.  I step into the dress and hear rips in the back and start to laugh.  I keep going.  I put my arms in the sleeves and wonder "hmm, don't they go any further than this"?  Ok, now I go to the mirror and look a little puzzled.  I look at my grandmother's picture to see how the dress is supposed to look.  I look in the mirror.  Picture.  Mirror.  Picture.  Mirror.  This goes on for a few more times then I bust out laughing.  The only thing I say out loud is "An Overgrown Little Bo Peep on Crack".  Oh, I forgot to say I was conditioning my hair so I had a scarf on my head.  Okay, I think it will be better if I take the scarf off.  I do.  Like that is any better.  Not.  I laugh even harder.  Then I think.  Little Bo Peep as a Line Backer?  I say out loud again (it's a good thing I live by myself), "How did my Grandmother fit into this"?  I should have known better.  When she gave me the dress, 20 years and 20 pounds ago, I couldn't fit into it, but I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.  If I didn't live by myself I would have taken the Little Bo Beep pictures for you, minus the sheep of course.

I decided that my grandmother, at this point, was sitting with the rest of my elders in heaven, laughing hysterically and saying please do something else with that dress.  We forbade you to wear it like that.  I'm a little (okay, a lot) too old for the Little Bo Peep look so I held my breath and cut part of the train for Baby I's quilt.  It seemed like the thing went on forever.  I'm sure she won't be turning over in her grave about the dress, this is the most play this dress has seen in over 60 years!  She will forgive me for cutting a foot or so of it.  

 The remainder of the dress I will save for the day I get married and use to get a dress made.  Something more Sex in the City less Nursery Rhyme.  And if I never get married I'll save it for Baby I and use it to get something fabulous made for her wedding.  I promise G'Ma the dress will get used again for more than Baby I's quilt, but it's all for love and at least a quilt will get used (okay, maybe not if I only hang it on the wall.  Please tell me not to do this) more than once.