Friday, March 27, 2009

Say Mama

Exactly one week later, more Baby Boy dreams last night:

I was in my family room in the basement (where I spend most of my time) and I turned my office into his nursery.  My mother put him down to sleep, but I wanted to see him and went in.  He was in his crib just rolling around smiling.  I laughed and couldn't resist picking him up and then I had to change his diaper.  He started with the kiddie chatter saying "ba ba."  I replied say "ma ma."  He laughed and we went back and forth until I woke up. 

Am I going to have these dreams of babies, until Baby I or Baby Boy come home, for the next year or so?  Nesting or heart-rending?  

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Dreaming

Last night I had another dream...about my son this time!  

I was at a party and a father who could not take care of his little boy asked me to be his mother.  I was taken aback but in my articulate nature said "seriously?"  (all those degrees and all I can could up with is seriously)  He said "yes" and gave me the child wrapped up like a bunch of roses with one fresh rose sticking out.  When I got back to the party, where my mother was, I said to her "congratulations it's a boy!"  I proceeded to unwrap the package only to find roses.   My heart sank.  This guy quickly came around the corner saying "you have my roses."  He took them and gave me another package.  I opened the new package and inside I didn't find roses, but the tiniest baby boy.  He was like a little parrot though, mimicking me.  I started crying because he was in my arms.  He looked sad and he had bruises on his face, I wondered if something was physically wrong with him and if I made a mistake.  However, the longer I held him the happier he became and the more his imperfections balanced out or became perfect (if you will).  It was like he knew he had a safe place and mother now, so all that was wrong internally and externally could now heal.  

Deep huh?    

Now, to lighten up the mood, since you have seen my thoughts about Baby I's room, I wanted to share Baby Boy's room ideas too.  I've just started the boy collection, so I'm sure there are more to come.  You know I believe in beautiful living!  I guess I should start playing that lotto too!  All this foreshadowing is telling me that Mommy of 2 is in my near future.  

Dang, I hope I start dreaming about a very handsome and wealthy husband (that is mine) next! ;-)  


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do You Think It Was Something I Said?

Thanks to the advent of social networking, twice last week, I connected with friends I haven't seen in -- covering my mouth while saying the number -- years.  I knew one of my useless obsessions online networking mediums would yield success eventually!  

We sent a few obligatory emails back and forth with the "WOWS" and "what is going on in your life?"  After I got the updates about divorces, kids, careers, etc. I shared my big news: I'M ADOPTING!  




Was it something I said?  I told one of them I was adopting from Africa, the other I may have said Ethiopia or I may have just said adopting, but nevertheless...


Oh, well.  I guess I won't hear from them for umpteen more years again.

I guess it was something I said; I plan to say it over and over again until Baby I comes home!  I'm adopting!  Haters.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

6th Folder/6th Photo

No one tagged me, but over at Kerri's blog she was too lazy to do, so I just tagged myself (these are her words, not mine).  The rules are: go to the 6th folder in my photos folder and post the 6th picture in the folder and then tag 6 people. 

My 6th folder happens to be a folder for all things Baby I.  Following is the 6th picture which is one of the ideas that I like for her nursery.  I am going to be raising a little prima donna to take my throne you know!  I don't like the fabric choices but I do like the inspiration for the design:

Here is another picture I like (not the fabric choices).  Clearly, not the 6th photo, but we are moving beyond that now.  

I tag...Celeste, Robbin, Valarie, Nancy (Beautiful Children), Laura, and Tracey (Amara's Mom).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Baby but Baby's Table

As I've said before, I'm addicted to vintage/thrift stores...and freecycle and craigslist and ebay and outlet malls and...  This morning I met a friend at our local Value Village Thrift Store where we find some great deals and one of a kind items.  Today, I found a great vintage table for Baby I.  Love.  I decided the table would look great in the "new" sunroom that I have been working on since I got rid of the hot tub.  

Ohhh...ahhh...and it is orange!  Look at those mushroom tops and lovely lines.  Brady Bunch eat your heart out!  Love at first sight.  It fits perfectly with my decor.  Did I mention it was $24.82 less my 25% discount card.  LOL  Yes, I have a discount card to Value Village.

Mommy's Table...Baby I's Table  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Domestic Foster/Adoption Also?

While I'm waiting for Baby I besides doing the normal things like shopping, working out and de-cluttering I've been watching a lot of TV.  OK so that is normal too, but I've been watching a lot of programs related to adoption, foster care and Ethiopia.  I may as well tug the heart strings for the next year or so.  

If you didn't know, before I made the decision to adopt from Ethiopia I considered adopting domestically but decided to wait until Baby I was home.  I've always wanted at least two children so a second domestic adoption is a real possibility.   I even completed all of my course work through DC Children and Family Services to adopt/foster from the city.  I was never quite sure if this was the right path for me but I've been thinking more and more about it lately.  

Over the Christmas Holidays I watched the TV special with Faith Hill Home for the Holidays where they celebrated adoption and showed a number of adoptive families telling their stories.  I sat in front of the TV for those few hours crying and thinking about older children needing homes just as much as I think about the children in Ethiopia needing homes.  I then knew I also had to foster/adopt a child from the States once Baby I came home.  There are so many children everywhere that need families, I just really want to live in a mansion and love up on them all day long.  

This past weekend I watched a Lifetime movie (TiVo) about a young man (America) in the foster care system.  Rosie O'Donnell is the psychiatrist that helps him come to terms with his roller coaster life.  

In typical Tami fashion, I got emotional.  I got knots in my stomach...the I have to do something else kind.  I just can't take it!  All of these statistics are killing me.

More than half of a million kids in foster care.  Once they age out of the system only 2 out of 10 will make it.  The others will end up homeless, in prison or dead.  I know adopting/fostering older children comes with other issues but someone has to do it.  But of course it is all just talk now, I really have to think all of this through and do a whole lot of planning.  A whole lot!  Maybe winning the lotto would be a plus also!