Friday, October 22, 2010


Those who said 10.20 and 10.21 for referral dates? WRONG!

Still no referral.

No one said any day next week, I don't know if that is a good sign or a bad sign.

Anywhoo...maybe next week is "the week."

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bi-Racial Hair Video...a must see

If you have followed this blog since the beginning (silly you) then you know I used to be controversial. However, after three years (yes 3) I got old and tired, the adoption process beat me up and I was forced to chill out. Well, I've rested. Have lots of energy and starting to feel like the old me again, so I thought what better way to begin anew than to stir up a little controversy. I mean emotions...or maybe that is thinking. Dangit where are those strikeout functions for blogger?

Warning: if you are new to this blog, please don't view the video below if:
  • you want to remain in a bubble, have no feelings (either way)
  • think times are changing and racism doesn't exist and
  • think it's perfectly normal for the Duggars to have 1 more child. I don't know what the Duggars has to do with this video or post but seriously 19 kids? OUCHHHHHHHH
So, here is the video Bi-Racial Hair. I had so many emotions when I viewed it. There were many umms and oohhs and yeahs and yups and wows that came out of my mouth. I had to view it twice. My cousin said she had to undergo some brief trauma counseling afterward. LOL Let me know what you think and we can have a deeper conversation in the comments section.

Again...remember you have been warned. See this is the nicer, kinder, gentler Tami.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Old?

Gotta get this one out there...How old do you think Baby I will be at referral?

So far I have 3 guessing games going:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Date
Who will win? Maybe I can come up with some sort of prize but I tell might not get it until next year! LOL Maybe the AW will mail it for me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top 5 Baby Names

Well here are the top 5 baby names for Baby I. One is actually my sunshine's name:
  1. Ila
  2. Isla
  3. Ivy
  4. Isley
  5. Imani
So many names, so little time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Play: Guess that Date!

I was told by the Adoption Whisperer (AW-Robbin) that it was time for me to play a few games. So, Robbin, here I go following the rules of the adoption blogdom (or is that blogsphere?).

This game is just for shintz and giggles because I am terrible about mailing packages (sometimes they never get mailed). Sad, but, there are NO prizes. Unless of course the AW wants to provide one to the winner. ;-)

Moving on...passing time.

When do you think I'll get my referral?


Nothing else left to say!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Entrance to Wonder

There would have been no wonder without the doorway that Alice finally managed to enter. That colorful and whimsical doorway foretold what adventures were waiting for Alice on the other side.

That must mean that Baby I must have a fabulous door for her room and life of wonder to come. You got it! I bought my baby a new door today (the room didn't have a door so and any ole door would not do, nope!).

Behold the entrance to Baby I's Wonderland (oh, the picture stinks b/c I have no camera). It is so tiny it's anti-climatic I know but you get the point. :-).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adoption Timeline

Why is it that my last Adoption Timeline update was 12/9/09?


I pretty much suck.

Hey Robbin?

Can you give me some dates for this timeline? You keep my dates better than me!

Guess I'll update them this weekend!

BTW...I'm going crazy over here. I must be if I'm blogging when I know no one reads! I think I'll email Gladney! LOL

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I Shed a Tear (Tears)

Today I shed my first adoption tear.

No, I had a big cry and it was at work.


A former co-worker had just returned from a soul searching two-month trip to India to visit her birth and adoptive parents. She was talking about how great the trip was, but at some point in the conversation she mentioned how her birth mother had been sad at different points in her life (she knew her, although she didn't find out that it was her birth mother until she was an adult) about giving her up for adoption (to a family member). At that point it clicked that my excitement (about this adoption) was at the cost of someone's grief. How excited I was, but how sad a mother and family must be to be giving a child up. That made my heart literally hurt and stomach sink, I just started crying at work. My friend had to come across the desk and calm me down then take me and buy me hot chocolate. She provided as much encouragement and support as she could and the only words I could muster were:

"I just want to do the right thing and be a great mother."

I guess as I'm on the final countdown to my referral it is getting very real and these are probably normal worries. I just pray that the little spirit that God blesses me to watch over that her birth mother and family have enough faith to know that she will be ok. That God has placed her with a mother who has been preparing for her and waiting for her for a long time. That she will love, support, guide and raise her to be a proud, smart, respectful, Christian, fun loving, creative and confidant woman. Proud to be all that she is by birth and by growth. Baby I has much to look forward to and as her mother so do I and even with the tears today and the ones I will undoubtedly have to come, SO DO I! I can't wait.

Stay Tuned...

Baby I in Wonderland

I'm working on the nursery! If you didn't remember (how could you since it was years ago) I am a part time interior decorator, so I am somewhat particular when it comes to my design. Translation very slow! I have been thinking about this nursery for a year! LOL It is going to be a combination of the following three rooms -- if you have any imagination but there won't be any big pictures of panties I promise! I started to block that out but it made me laugh so I left it alone, I figured you would scratch your head a little and say what the heck is that Tami up to now? In my house we are calling it Baby I in Wonderland. ;-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Because I like it!

Well, I would narrow the names down but why spoil all the fun? Maybe you guessed it. Maybe you didn't. Will my feelings be hurt if you don't like my kid's name? Nope! Why? Because...I like it! And so will my little Baby I.

No referral news yet.