Sunday, June 27, 2010

Square Biz - Again???

Remember this post:

It's that time again. My friend, who is making Baby I's quilt, said I better start collecting all of the squares, so I thought I would try this again. Last time I was a, well, uh...square failure. I never sent off my squares to the other people who sent me squares. And the bad thing about it is, I had their squares. I still have their squares, in my office, with the envelopes and everything. I am just terrible about mailing things. If I have to mail something, I now know, it probably won't get billpayer is for me.

So, if you want to participate in the quilt for Baby I (clearly not for her trifling mother) please do! Here is how:

1. Choose ANY 100% cotton fabric that you like of African origin or that has special meaning (just tell us what it is).

2. Pre-wash and press the fabric. Then cut two (2) 8" squares from the fabric.

3. Include your "good wish note" on a 3 x 5 card, being sure to sign and date it. I will place all your wishes in a scrapbook that will be given to Baby I one day. If you decide to participate THANKS and I can't wait to see the squares you send! If you don't participate...I'll still like you anyway, read your blog and let you read mine. :-)

Please leave me a message (with your email address if I don't have it) if you would like to participate and I will send you my mailing address.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jesus Take The Wheel

I've been praying a lot lately and as my cousin said last night he believes that something great is about to happen for me (more than just Baby I although that will be AWESOME). This is not just my transition time but my time.

I took a whole lot of time (2+ years) to become "official" because I just had a lot of stuff going on in my mind and on my plate. Right now much of that "stuff" is gone, but please believe the rest of the stuff that is a major concern I'm working to will be out of here soon. What is the definition of insanity? Exactly! I'm no longer doing those same things over and over.

I want to have a clear head when Baby I comes home, but as my mother says there is never a perfect time. So, the one thing I have been doing all of these months is trying to get my life right with God...without Him I am nothing. I am much more peaceful, prayerful, faithful, joyful...all of those pleasant "ful" words. ;-)

Also, I forgot to share this little story that happened to me last year. I've always heard different people say how God spoke to them. I really would think yea, ok. I just didn't understand or know how that could happen until it happened to me. The week before last I went to sleep and in a dream God said to me "Tami I am your only way. Tami I am the only answer. Come to me for all of your problems. I am the only way." I woke up with a huge migraine (that's how I know when my dreams are real) and said ok, I get it...I hear you. Ever since then I've been recommitting my life. I'm so sold out on The G-O-D. I mean he is some kind of AWESOME - trust me - he has given me so much favor and carried me through so much when clearly I should have had much more than a bruised knee. How can I not love and adore him? How can I not be sold out on him?

Sorry for getting extra on you this morning but...I was just feeling it and had to tell you how Great My/Our God is and play one of my favorite songs for you.

Take it away Carrie: