Saturday, October 31, 2009

Deal of the Day

You know by now that I am a thrift store loving, bargain finding, vintage wearing, trendy yet couture, bohemian mama (soon to be).  So, since I have time to kill I'm starting a new posting called Deal of the Day.  Robbin knows I like to call it Thrift Store Thursdays, but you never know where I'll find a deal and some I'll share with you so stay tuned.  

This past week I got a jogging stroller, vintage school desk and hangers.  I wasn't looking for any of the items but... Rule #1 of bargain shopper - be open to a bargain at any time! 

The Stroller - $21.96

This Bell jogging stroller looks like it was never used more than a few times.  It's in perfect condition not evan a fingerprint on the foam handle bar.  If you know anything about jogging strollers you know they are pricey; I got this baby for a song...hmmm....Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah (remember that from church?)!

The Vintage School Desk - $4.54

In my family room I have a ginormous vintage chalkboard that I got on Freecycle (  It's like 8-10 feet long.  Baby I is going to have her own corner so when I am washing, in my office or watching the tube she can play.  Her playroom is on the second loft level, but I won't feel comfortable with her all the way up there until she is much older.  Plus, I followed my mother from room to room...I think I still do when she is around.  I recall last month when she left the room I said "Mommy where are you going?"  She said "the bathroom."  Me..."can I go?"  Just joking...but I did ask.  

I think the desk will go nicely and look Fab once repainted and cleaned up!  It looks like a big girl/boy desk but it is made for toddlers.  

The hangers - $6.48 for 95

And just as I was trying to escape from the store I saw these colorful hangers.  It looks like someones grandmother (definitely not mine) carefully knitted coverings for all of them.  They are so cute and will look fabulous in Baby I's closet.  NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!  Right now the closet is full of baby hangers so I'll just pack them away for a few years until her clothes can fit them.  I had to get them.  You know the rule...Be prepared for a bargain at any time!  And Rule #2- You snooze you loose or think long, think wrong.  A thrift store doesn't keep items long.  If you like it/love it...get it because it will NOT (I repeat WILL NOT) be there when you turn the corner to come back and get it.  I've had many a bargain woe is me stories.  :-)

Tell me about your bargains and where you got them from.  I'm always open to new place where I can get a bargain.  

See you soon for Deal of the Day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biometrics Today

This morning I am going to have my FINAL Biometrics appointment at USCIS.  

Last time I did this I had a big post and told jokes.  

This time...I just want it over.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sew What?

While I'm waiting for my final documents to come in the mail and to pass the time until Baby I comes home, maybe I'll start sewing again.  Yes, I can sew, but I don't like difficult projects.  Lazy.  

While surfing the web I found this cute pattern (on Etsy) for a little bubble skirt. 

Maybe I'll make this hat also for next fall/winter.

Sew what do you think?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Sightings

Last night was the first night (where in my dream) I actually saw Baby I's face.  Wow.  What a beautiful face it is...she was very tiny (no surprise) had a beautiful brown complexion, piercing eyes and a tiny little bit of slicked down hair on her round head.  When I saw her and held her I just started crying.  

I know we all have these dreams of seeing our child(ren), but I still have this real feeling in my stomach.  Like little butterflies.  Maybe I am now having these dreams again because dossier completion is around the corner...that's weeks in adoption speak.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Close To My Heart

Since I am on the count down to dossier completion (waiting for final appointments only), I thought I would love to have one of those lovely Ethiopian necklaces so many wear when waiting for their babes to come home.  Then I thought, everyone has one, I want something different and I really don't want to explain why I'm wearing a shape of Africa around my neck to a random stranger. Yes, after 2 years in this process you get a little tired of answering questions (me: Because. Why not? You should try it. How many children have you adopted in Africa, America or otherwise?...oops I digress). Something I can call my own and maybe pass on to Baby I.  I'm sentimental like that.  So, on one of my thrift days or as I call it Thrift Store Thursdays (everything is 25% off or on holidays it's 50%) I found this great vintage locket.  It's not an ordinary locket but this huge long one.  I'm so excited.  I can put Baby I's picture in it, but until then I'll put a small map of Ethiopia in it with the name Baby I on the other side. 

When I don't have hair all over my head and sleep in my eyes I'll take a picture wearing the locket.  You're gonna love it...I know I do!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Carseat

I forgot to mention I took a class last week where I got a free carseat and fire extinguisher.  I'm appreciative of my free seat but I don't love it.  It just doesn't look very comfy.  No, I didn't sit my big butt in it however it just looks hard and it isn't cute!  Yes, I know that is NOT important.  LOL  I did some checking and the carseat is okay for the value...we got shortchanged on the cushioning though so I would have to buy more if this were it.  I'm going to use this carseat as the back-up for her padrinos (godparents) who live 5 five minutes away and grandmother when she comes to town.  Other than that, I'm still getting a Britax!  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the Count Down to Fabric Love

I've received a few calls and emails from people wondering what is going on with me and the status of my adoption...basically wth (heck) is going on!  Here's the skinny:

- sitting here (obviously)
- simultaneously finishing my FINAL...repeat after me...FINAL updates (for everything) and DOSSIER! 
- waiting for my fingerprint appointment which is Oct. 28 (I believe)
- believing my dossier will FINALLY be submitted within the next 30 days!  Yes, yuck it up.  

Now I can get my count on.  

Why did I take so long with all of the concerns and changes with singles?  Well, life happens!  I am a firm believer that What God Has For You Is For You.  No, life is never going to be perfect or there is never going to be a perfect time to be a parent, but in my heart of hearts my spirit and my God said peace be still.  I had to be still until I was at peace with whatever came forth in my life (and with the adoption)...

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and  your minds in Christ Jesus. ”  Philippians 4: 6­7 

Finally, I'm at peace.  Let the wait begin!!!!!

In other exciting, breaking news.  I picked out a fabric for the baby's room, although you have about 6 months of my decor changes...I really like this one.  Fun no?  My mother said "WOW, busy!"  I said, "Of course and fun too!"  You can't have the prima donna II (my family calls me prima donna I) now can you?  LOL

What do you think?   It is a vintage fabric I found for $4!  I love it even if you don't, I've never been one to follow many trends.  It should give you hints at what's soon to come...but if you know some of the hints can you tell me because I honestly haven't figured them out yet.  LOL