Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Used To Be Like This

It's so funny, when I started this process I was full of hope like this.

I had all the opinions in the world like this.

I kept my ears on the boards and made great fun like this.

If anyone plucked a nerve they got this.

I was always known to find a bargain, like this.

I shared my dreams, like this.

My house (in or out) was good for a laugh or two, like this.

But lately the only thing I seem to be full of or known for is this.


A grumpy bear.


For those of you checking this blog a big fat ZERO!

I'm a Grump with nothing insightful to say like the other bloggers who blogged all the way up to their babes coming home...I guess I would have if this process would not have taken me so stinkin' long, sorry.

I'm trying to make lemonade over here but frankly I have a freakin' worm on the inside of it.

I'm sure by the time Baby I gets here there will be no blogging but I figure I will just keep this up as best possible for the few that have followed me for these excruciating 2+ years.