Sunday, July 25, 2010

So, How Should I Be Acting?

I had a friend question if I was preparing properly for my daughter to come home (forgive me friend if this is not what you meant). I stopped being stressed long ago about this adoption process. When my referral of my precious Baby I comes it comes, until then I am enjoying my summer, making adjustments and "getting my life/house together." I think I've done pretty much everything I need to thus far:
  • childcare identified
  • support systems in place
  • doctor (I need to work on that)
  • bedroom room set-up (I'll do that at referral)
  • cultural relationships/friends established for Mommy and Baby I
Now, I'm just chillin', working on a few projects, getting to know some new people (some of which I won't know after this summer, but a free meal and a few laughs can't be bad) and just being. Possibly my nonstressed out attitude from the days of yore (really this is who I "used" to be, that crazy questioning, stressed chic is ALMOST gone!) have my friends concerned or have them thinking I'm not preparing properly but...I actually think I'm good. And as my mother told me, no matter how hard I try I'm going to miss something so I need to just relax.

So, my question to you all...what were you doing the last few months while waiting for your child(ren) to come home?


Katy said...

I did nothing but obsessively read blogs. Didn't do kids' room or buy anything until after referral. Handn't secured childcare or pediatrician. You're good. The only thing I did do (that turned out to be great to have on our trip) was learn a little Amharic. Other than that, I did nothing to get ready. There's no way you can actuall be "ready". You're good. Enjoy your time.

Mercy said...

I'm envious that you are so calm :-). I haven't done much to get ready..except for the occasional "great find" buy, learning a little Amharic & starting to crotchet a baby blanket.
Need to get on the daycare though..yikes!

hazel said...

This is the way to be, Tami.

I was WAY STRESSED OUT after passing court and waiting to travel, but that's because of the paperwork mess and the long wait. I wish I hadn't gone into that dark place so I applaud you for being so chilled and I hope you can keep it up. You need to be as relaxed and healthy as possible for when Baby I arrives.

And as Katy - you can't really 'be ready,' no matter how you try. And that's kind of cool in the end.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're chilling during your wait process. :)
Do you know where you are on the waitlist? What number?
Enjoy your week!!!!


Tami said...

Thanks everyone for checking on me! I know I'm boring these days. LOL Sen, I have absolutely no idea what number I am. Ask Robbin, she probably knows. LOL

Anonymous said...

I occasionally pop into your blog and like it. I have been following for a while. Me, I remodeled my kitchen in the last few months. I do not recommend that approach as it was then a race to finish everything. However, you will have zero time later, so read, watch movies, go out with your friends, work out or do whatever you LOVE to do now. I think that bedroom basics are ok to do (crib), but waiting until you have that picture is good. Then it is real!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...It's August and we haven't heard a peek from you. What's up? How is your summer going? Have you found any good bargins lately? Can you also update your adoption timeline? LOL



wildflowers said...


we just joined to follow your blog :) !!

we too are adopting from ETH via Gladney.

pop on over & visit our blog sometime as we are happy to get new followers.

looking forward to your updates :)

Jamie said...

We're a fellow Gladney family waiting for twins! I look forward to seeing your referral post!

Anonymous said...


Any referral news?
You sure are quite; is everything okay?