Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandmother's Rock

Look at the cool poster I'm getting for the playroom courtesy of Grandma.  

Thanks Mom!  You Rock!  I think I'll keep you.

Not only will my kid(s) be stylin' (What happens when adoption takes 3 years to complete? You have a closet full of clothes...literally) she/he will have the cutest playroom on the block.  Ok, never mind I only have 14 houses on my street.  Semantics.  


kristine said...

love love love this poster!!!!!

so Grandma has style too.

thanks for posting this - it really made me smile

Tami said...


Yes, Grandma has style but it didn't hurt that I sent her the poster and said her grandchild wanted it for the playroom. LOL

kisha said...

Great blog, I am just reading my comments from my blog. I am so new to the blog world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tami,

I love your blog and writing style. I read your story and know that God has great plans in store for you. There is a very lucky little girl waiting somewhere out there. We adopted our 4-year old daughter last year from Ethiopia and she has brought us incredible joy. Our journey was also a difficult one having lost our older daughter suddenly 3 years ago at the age of 23. With Hannah, we are living life again with purpose.
Your insight and wisdom are refreshing. I especially liked your post about Ethiopian Jungle Crud and the need for PAPs and APs to be aware of what they say about our children's birth country and culture. Unfortunately, I have seen many blogs where the parents trip to Ethiopia is described as a horrible ordeal. It makes me cringe to think what else they are saying around their children. People need to understand that Ethiopia is and always will be a part of who are children and to speak unfavorably about it will cause our chilren to wonder how we feel about them. These blogs will be accessible to our kids as they grow. What will they think when they are reading a story like that when they are 13 and perhaps stuggling with how they feel about being adopted? Certainly doesn't make one feel warm and connected to a parent that doesn't like or understand where you came from.
Keep writing, you have talent and a real gift for sharing a valuable perspective.