Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have Journal, Make Plan

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a doctor, nurse, model, teacher, rich, a mommy, veterinarian, designer, an architect and have lots of clothes.  My family just called me a prima donna, but alas I never quite figured out how to turn that "uniqueness" into anything tangible.

I've decided I would help Baby I out early (because clearly I'm going to be raising her and she'll be a mini me, so what does that give you?) by getting her this journal because I'm pretty sure this really should have been my plan:
Since it's too late for me becoming a princess and since I'm coming into my own now that I'm turning 40 in June (and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up) I've decided that this is my "new" plan, so I'm going to start making plans now:
Since I have been having Baby Boy dreams, maybe I should help him with his future as well (what a good Mom I am).  You know I'm all about living your dreams.  
Ok, okay!  If all else fails Mommy will be practical:


Kerri said...


los cazadores said...

He he he, Tami you crack me up. Seriously those wire hangers down there, I saw them too!! And I love them. And I almost bought one and then my husband said he would "make" me one. And that was 6 weeks ago or something. Sigh. :)


VALARIE said...

I say just get a move on any one of those plans. LOL! I wan't to see the book that says, I'm going to be a super duper mommy before the rest of us are too old.

kristine said...

I love these! I want the "Rock Star" one.

Barbara said...

I'll take the princess one! It's never too late to start.