Sunday, June 14, 2009

Passport Photos

Can you tell me why my passport photos look like I should be entering drug rehab?  I am NOT sending these pictures in with my dossier!  I must try again (with new pictures) and pray for a better outcome.  I'm pretty sure I'll be stopped entering/leaving any foreign country with this passport picture.  UGHHHHH.  My old one was so cute...dem was da days.  Was it the lack of sleep?  Different hairstyle that didn't photograph well?  Them telling me not to smile (new rule)?  Or just the additional 10 years?  Hmmm...I'm gonna go with the first 3.   


haze said...

Redo! Redo! And post the bad pics here ;-)

I had about 5 retakes until I was 'satisfied' with my passport picture.

My citizenship photo is about 20 years old and I look like a homeless woman in it. And maybe like I'm packing heat. Back then I thought I looked kinda sexy with my 'windswept' hair do. Gah!

Bennett said...

mine look the same too.

I kept taking them over and after the 5th photo I made them take at walgreens I said the heck w/it.