Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 1 - AWL (After Waitlist)

I'm blaming the Project Baby I failure on all of you. What are you really posting daily? Really? Are you kidding? What? Seriously? Yea, OK!

I got skerd! LOL Right! I'm a punk and you knew it. Project Baby I pictures will be weekly. Who was I really fooling. Obviously not you all. tee hee. After over 2 years you know me by now. Slow. Procrastinator. AND SLOW. ;-)

I will have (maybe) the perfect picture of what my life currently looks like posted tomorrow. Too bad I don't have a fabulous camera to take pictures with. I'm saving my pennies to get one by the time I take my first trip to Ethiopia to see my little munchkin. What camera should I get Kristine, Tam, Laura, Robbin or you other fab picture takers? Please school me.

On the other update front. Remember the Italy man? Yea, me either. LOL

Am I supposed to be posting weekly pictures or something until I get a referral? I mean I'm the last of the Mohican's so I guess I can make my own game up I guess that is why I have Project Baby I. Weekly photos....I guess those photos can be of me or anything I want them to. Right? I'm sure Robbin will correct me since she is the Adoption Whisper.


Single PAP said...

nikon d40.

kristine said...

this post made me laugh out loud!
i'll ask my husband - the photographer - he buys all the cameras in the house.

also do you know lori? from portland? with abe? i held her camera and really love it.


that's the link to her photography blog - she also writes 'the road to our own' blog.

very funny girl.

and the we're still behind you - so you're not that slow!

charlotte said...

Congratulations on the baby time line. Wooohoooo!

Holli said...

Looking forward to your photos -- and when you're ready to make a camera purchase -- go with the Nikon D70.

Kristine S. said...

Hey Tami,
I used Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 when I picked up K. one from Ethiopia. It's an awesome camera with videa and an 18X zoom lens. Congratulations on getting on the wait list! I have a feeling your wait will be short.

Jebena said...

Hahahahaha....Robbin, the Adoption Whisper! LOL!!!!

NTS: Add Tami onto my sidebar since she is Official!