Friday, June 10, 2011

What's Bugging Me Today

The other families that didn't pass court received new court dates, but no not Tami. Seriously, I feel like someone has it out for me. The past 6 years have been so incredibly difficult for me, I'm trying so hard to turn it all around, but can a sista get a break? I mean how difficult is it to go see your child, leave them in a foster care center, then have someone say, we will get back to you. I missing all her major milestones, I'm not there to comfort her when she is sad and lonely or see the joy when she smiles. She is going to be more and more delayed with each moment and frankly I'm so over it all. I just want my baby home! Yeah, 4 years of patience is GONE!


kn said...

I am so very very sorry. This is the very worst part of it all (at least it was for me) and no one can understand it unless you've been through it.

Scream to the heavens if it makes you feel better.

Here in New York the prayers are being said over and over again. I so hope you have your court date soon. Dear sweet baby girl has got to come home soon!

Garlands Rose said...

Hi Tami,

My heart goes out to you! I can feel your heart's pain in the words that you typed. I am just starting my Ethiopian adoption journey, so please stay strong for me(single black woman) and your daughter. We both need your strength =)

Zoe and John said...

Hi Tami,
Sorry this is so tough. If you want to get in touch for some support I'd love to chat. I so get what you're going through. We had the referral of our girls last August (3 months old,) had court at the end of December and are still waiting to get embassy clearance to travel to get them (13 months old.) We too have missed so much and the last few months have been really tough.The other adoptive moms have made a huge difference which is why I thought it might to you too. Wes and Layla also didn't get a new courtdate last week (1st court date was January) so you might want to check out their blog. Do you facebook? You can get in touch with me on my blog if you'd like ourethiopianbabiesthescherersadopt.blogspot. Hang in there. I totally understand. Love, Zoe