Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That's Good Journalism For Ya!

Once again, don't believe everything you read or...SEE. In 2004, the BBC network ran the AIDS documentary Guinea Pig Kids, which is about the treatment of a group of HIV-positive foster children in Harlem during which time they showed the picture to the left. The only problem was the picture was taken in Addis Ababa not in Harlem! GREAAATTTTT! Now, I’m not a journalist and I clearly use pictures that I don't take to convey my particular message but give me a break! Why do I do this? Well...I want my two readers to understand my point of view. I don’t want you two to get bored or to leave me, and then I would just be writing for myself. But guess what? I’m not a professional! Heck, if I got paid to do this shouldn’t I make sure that at least my pictures represented what I was talking about? For instance: If I was writing about HIV infants in Harlem shouldn’t they be babies in the US that were multi racial (Harlem= Black and Latino)? Ummmm…just a thought.
Now, I’m going out on a limb on this one, not that far though, but the man that wrote this thought: Harlem…Africa…no one will know the difference. Silly him! We are pretty quick over in these parts. We use istockphoto also! Well, I don’t have time to really dissect the article; I’ll let someone else do that if you so choose. Check out Slate Magazine for the scoop.

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