Monday, December 10, 2007

You Need A What?

Since I have been a lot obsessed with Baby I, it has been all about baby products over here. And I have come across some of the funniest and craziest products I have ever seen! Okay, too me at least. I know that as mothers and many new mothers (obsessed) by our precious children we "must have" all of the new gadgets but, some of the stuff that is out there just makes no sense at all. With that said, I thought it would be fun to share some of the silly things that we have come across in our baby/kid product hunting experience.

So, if Baby I has Monsters under her bed I can buy her a can of Monster Spray for $14.95 plus shipping and handling (of course). Whatever! I think I'll stick a label over my Mrs. Meyers Lavender scent cleaning spray which will have the same effect and is about $10 less expensive and I can clean my entire house!
What products have you come across that really don't make any sense? Tasha, you have a list full, give us one that you haven't listed already...if possible or you can give us your favorite.

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Julie said...

Before J came home, I spent a few too many hours on Amazon, looking at baby paraphernalia. I came across PEE-PEE TEE-PEES, of all things. They were almost $13 for a pack of four, I think, and they were designed, hmmm...deflect moisure.

Yeah, NO.