Sunday, April 13, 2008


Finally, someone has recognized me for the wonderful person I am.  I am officially a SLUT!  Yes, thanks to Tasha, she started an organization for women like us, where we are appreciated for our skills and talents!  It's about time!  

If you would like to be a member head over to Tasha's blog and send her a shout out to join IAMASLUT - International Adoption Mothers Association - Single, Lovely, Unique, and Talented.  


Katy said...

I think the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption should be amended to require IAMASLUT accreditation, subesequent to completion of the homestudy, but prior to state certification of the dossier. I think a thorough digestion of Uzbek Ubet would help to better prepare people for the adoption process. And life in general.

The day Single was changed to Single and/or Sexy was one of the high points in this process for me. My certificate is printed and will be like page 3 in my kids' lifebooks.

haze said...

Oh Tami, it's a thing of beauty. I'm so proud of you. *snif*

Oh rats!! I was just updated my resume and forgot to include my SLUT certifcation!!

Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

i knew that had to be a tasha-ism! lol
thanks, from another slut

Anonymous said...

Very funny - Firt time I will have been called a slut - Good one! Ali

poppy and peony said...

I'm loving it, count me in :0)