Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Consign On!

Since my paperwork is at USCIS I'm feeling the pressure to start making baby preparations.  I mean, I don't want my kid to get here and she doesn't have a nursery, clothes or anything (yeah, I doubt that would really happen).  Plus, I need to start looking for bargains, so there is no time like the present.  

With that said, yesterday I went to my first kids consignment sale!  It was a blast and super popular.  It started at 7:00pm, I got there at 7:15 but could not find parking so I sat in the lot for about 15 minutes watching people carry out all kind of cool baby items.  I wanted to scream "hey save me something."  I seriously considered leaving my car in the lot or parking in the handicapped space so I didn't miss the sale (I didn't, don't worry).  Finally someone moved, but then someone tried to take my space.  I had to yell out of my window, "Hey, I'm waiting for that space!"  Did I mention this sale was held at a church?  Nice huh!  LOL   But, if I'm nothing I'm persistent!  I got into that sale and found Baby I some great items (almost all new or like brand new) all for $67!  I also saw I missed some great items, but there are other consignment sales in the city periodically and I'll be ready next time.   This sale is on my calendar for next year and for the fall!  Once I find out about a good sale I never miss it twice!  LOL  

So what did I buy?  I lucked up on crib sheets from Pottery Barn (there was a whole great pottery barn crib set and even rug there, but that just seemed way too easy, I feel like I need to suffer through my indecisiveness about colors and decor much longer!), blankets, onsies, a dress, Robez, a pair of Stride Rite Shoes for when she is 2 they were to cute to pass up (sorry Tracey), toys, a little chair for picnics or for her to watch Mommy play Flag Football, a little overnight bag pillow
for her to carry and a few other small items.  On Thursday the sale goes 50%, I plan on going back to buy things for the orphanage.  

Now, the big question is, will this make me move any faster with my dossier?  Probably not...but you never know.  LOL  


Tracey said...

Glad you got some good deals. I will be hitting the sale tonight, if there is anything left! I sure hope I don't have to wrestle someone for a parking space.

Tasha said...

Whoa!! That's some cool shi... stuff!!!


Love the maryjane shoes. You know your girl is going to be the princess of every birthday party she goes to!

haze said...

Awesome - you made a great haul. I love the shoes too. I'm also hooked on these sales now. I'm going to have to watch I don't spend ALL my money at them. And next time I will bring more CASH just incase there are more fantastic bedding sets. BE PREPARED & ARRIVE EARLY.

Tami said...

Tasha, you know Baby I is going to be the best dressed Baby out there. LOL I know I'm in trouble already!

Haze, buy and save now...spend more later. The key is don't buy stupid stuff. We need everything so you have free reign right now. It's kinda like setting up a new house, it seems like a lot in the beginning because you are doing it all at one time. I'm just trying to do a little bit at a time.

Jocelyn said... get working on your Dossier...I SAID NOW!!!

VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Cute, cute. Don't start talking about colors and all of that. I look at bedroom furniture everyday make a great choice and then change again. It is so hard resisting buying clothes and all the cute stuff but I've been good so far. But, you've inspired me, there is a consignment kids store down the street, I'm going today!

Tracey said...

I made it to the sale last night, and I got some great deals too. I got a large two-sided easel for $15. And Tami, since you took those Mary Janes in Amara's size, I had to settle for some $2 Reeboks.

Tami said...

Valarie you are late! Haven't you seen Haze's blog and Tracey? Get with the program! You have to get on the consignment game. I think there are other SLUTs that have gone also.

Tracey, you snooze you loose! LOL I almost bought that easel btw but I didn't! LOL I'm going tonight to see how far $20 or $30 bucks will go for the orphanage. I'll do that for each consignment sale and for our next SMC party so I'll have a big 'ole suitcase of goodies to take to Addis.

Poppy and Peony said...

My money saving tip would be to write down everything you bought into a notebook. Divide it up into ages and themes like:
baby clothing 0-6m
2 yrs +
blankets + towelling
shoes and clothing accessories
baby toys
toddler toys

helps you see what you have and keep a check on what you spend!

Craig & Cindy said...

Pottery Barn at a consignment sale? SO Jealous here. I love Pottery Barn stuff, but they are so expensive I might as well sell my soul.

Love the stuff you darling!