Thursday, August 14, 2008

Renovating Updates

Do you remember the sunroom and hot tub I got rid of?  Well, I'm still not finished decorating the room, but I've been working on it a little thanks to freecycle!  Man, I love freecycle.  So far, I've gotten lots of baby stuff (toys, 2 pack and plays, a changing table, diaper genie, portable high chair, baby food maker and some other baby items).  As for my room renovations I received the 4 chairs around my table, a wall to wall jute carpet (I'm using half as an area rug and the other half will go wall to wall in my library) and the table lamp in the picture.  I've also gotten other stuff, but no need to brag anymore.  hehee... I've met really cool people and I've gotten rid of so much stuff on freecycle myself.  I'm cleaning house!!!!!  It is the best!  If you haven't tried freecycle in your neighborhood I would say get to it!  It is better than vintage stores because this is FREE!  


VALARIE said...

Big change. I will have to check out free cycle.

haze said...

Looks great, Tami. I signed up on Freecycle but I haven't listed anything so I can't get any goodies yet.

Single PAP said...

looks nice... still think we should have had a few hot tub parties before you got rid of it!