Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did!

As I sit in front of my TV with tears streaming down my face the only thing I can say is WE DID IT!  God IS SO GOOD!  I have so many feelings right now, I just can't seem to put them into words, but one thing I do know is...tomorrow IS a new day.  Change is coming.  Wow! 


angela said...

A change is gonna come!!

Praise GOD!!

Robbin said...

I love this ad, it looks like a movie preview. It is kind of a movie, of our own lives!!!!!

You've been doing good blogging you should jump on board for the blog month thingie!!!

Oh and BTW, I am 5'7"!!!!!! I do look short on that pic, but I'm gonna post some that will look more to scale!!


Robbin said...

A 6!!! lol. Girl I'd have to get down to my fighting weight for sure to get there. A 10 sounds good! LOL. And yes MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!


kristine said...

I was looking for a picture like this to put on my blog!!

I am so so very happy. For Barack being president but for Michelle being First Lady!!! And to be able to watch those beautiful children grow up in the white house makes me so happy for my own child.

It is the best day of my life.

Kerri said...

What a wonderful day!

-C said...

Happy Day!

Since were in the same are, we really need to get together and make a toast!


Tami said...


Absolutely, let's do it!

Shawn said...

I'm a cry baby today too!!! Don't you just love the way everyone lifted your picture of the first family!

Lisa and Peter said...

I so agree! Peter and I weren't sure that we would experience this historic moment in our life time. The Wolmarts were equally moved to tears!

Tracey said...

Hey Cahrlotte and Tami Can I come raise a glass too? I love not just that America has elected an amzaing new President, but that america and the world will get to see this shining example of the black American family.

FaerieMama said...

We have woken to a NEW DAY! How lucky are we to live this moment? I keep pinching myself. Thank you God for Barack Obama!!!

I mean...PRESIDENT Obama!!!!

haze said...

I am so proud of 'you Americans' :-) The whole world is happy for you and hopeful of new beginnings & real progress internationally. 95% of the world's population can't be wrong!


Lisa and Peter said...

Hi Tami.

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts! Yes, my dog is female -- so I have a bit of estrogen in the Wolmart household!

Anna said...

Happy Day!

Im just so glad people got out and voted!