Saturday, March 14, 2009

6th Folder/6th Photo

No one tagged me, but over at Kerri's blog she was too lazy to do, so I just tagged myself (these are her words, not mine).  The rules are: go to the 6th folder in my photos folder and post the 6th picture in the folder and then tag 6 people. 

My 6th folder happens to be a folder for all things Baby I.  Following is the 6th picture which is one of the ideas that I like for her nursery.  I am going to be raising a little prima donna to take my throne you know!  I don't like the fabric choices but I do like the inspiration for the design:

Here is another picture I like (not the fabric choices).  Clearly, not the 6th photo, but we are moving beyond that now.  

I tag...Celeste, Robbin, Valarie, Nancy (Beautiful Children), Laura, and Tracey (Amara's Mom).


Kerri said...

Ooh, I'm so glad you tagged yourself. Those pics are gorgeous!!!

VALARIE said...

I love that bedroom. Can I stay in it when I come to visit?

Tami said...


You can absolutely stay in the room! I have another space in mind for the kids! :-) Stay tuned! Now, all I need is the kid!

Thanks Kerri...let's see how I interpret it now. LOL

Barbara said...

ok actually i didn't drop in to comment on this particular post, although i like the direction you're headed. I just happened to notice one of your favorite books was The Bluest Eye. Funnily enough, when i made my one and only trip to Washington, that is precisely the play that I saw!

Shawn said...

What's up chica? We haven't chatted in awhile. I promise I'm coming to the next party in either April or May. (Depends on Brendon's spring break). It sounds like ya'll are having fun!

I'm loving these pics!

Tami said...

Hey Shawn,

We are having a lot of fun! People usually don't leave until 3 am. I know you are busy, but I'm cutting people from my list slowly! LOL

We do have a lot to catch up on.

Thanks about the pics, I have plenty of time to figure it out! LOL

haze said...

I want that first bed - it looks so cozy.

I say do the nursery up to the hilt! It may be the only chance you have to decorate her room before she becomes a stubborn tween or surly, goth teen.

Queen Diva said...

Those pictures are great!

I have not decorated my daughter's room yet and you just gave me some ideas. I love it!