Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Baby but Baby's Table

As I've said before, I'm addicted to vintage/thrift stores...and freecycle and craigslist and ebay and outlet malls and...  This morning I met a friend at our local Value Village Thrift Store where we find some great deals and one of a kind items.  Today, I found a great vintage table for Baby I.  Love.  I decided the table would look great in the "new" sunroom that I have been working on since I got rid of the hot tub.  

Ohhh...ahhh...and it is orange!  Look at those mushroom tops and lovely lines.  Brady Bunch eat your heart out!  Love at first sight.  It fits perfectly with my decor.  Did I mention it was $24.82 less my 25% discount card.  LOL  Yes, I have a discount card to Value Village.

Mommy's Table...Baby I's Table  


Robbin said...

I love those. But most of all I want that sofa. I need that for my family room I will have to send you some pics. I love the windows and doors. Too cute!

Kelli said...

Hi Tami,
You keep talking about Freecycle. What is it? Do you know if it is in the Northwest?
Thank you - Happy Thursday to you :)

Tami said...


Freecycle is a yahoo group that is national. The premise is to keep items out of the landfill. People post items they no longer want (offer), you can ask for items you want (wanted) or say thanks for getting an item (received). Each area operates a little differently. Search in your yahoo groups.

I know DC freecycle community is large so we give/get really great stuff. My mother lives in Myrtle Beach and hers not so much. They were giving away a rooster one day when I looked at her list. LOL Let me know how your list is. Try the free section on Craigslist though in your city.

VALARIE said...

Tami, I love that table. I am jealous but at least glad that you have it.

Sweet Patience said...

Cute Table Tami! I love the orange because I love earth tones as well! Great find!

Kelli said...

Thank you Tami for the info. I will check out freecycle with yahoo. It sounds like such a great way to do things. Our "fee" section on Craigslist is not worth the look. Craigslist here is VERY popular. You can sell anything and everything here in my city on Craigslist. So the "free" section is more like "please take my garbage so I don't have to pay to dispose of it." Again, thank you for the info!


Something Like Normal said...

Hi Tami - I joined Freecylce too. I think I may have heard about it from your blog, but can't really remember now. I joined over the summer when I was in Trinidad. It was KILLING me to see stuff I wanted but wasn't going to be back home in NY for weeks! When
I got back I offered a few things and was able to supply a few needs/wants, but so far haven't had any luck in getting anything I want. BTW - I love orange too. I was all set to get an orange couch but when I went back to get it at a furniture store there were stains so I opted for brown leather sleeper instead. I am glad to see you posting over here. I am sure that you will be a mom. I know the pain of the wait, but now that I am about to bring home my baby I can see how God allowed so much to happen in my life to prepare me - AND I DONT FEEL READY YET!

Tami said...

Thanks! I know I will be a Mom also. I know God is working in my life...I can feel it. It's okay, my baby is coming home soon.

As far as freecylce. I'm way too addicted and get a lot of stuff and post all the time. I'm de-cluttering my house. I am getting to that space where I love or need everything in my house. Other than that it has to go. It's amazing how easy it is to get rid of things these days.

haze said...

Baby I's table set looks great in your LR.

P.S. I also want your sofa.

Tami said...

Haze, that's the sunroom, but you are going to have to fight Robbin for the sofa. LOL