Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Not Going To Be Selfish...Today.

Sometimes I have these really great finds and I don't share.  Don't act like you are shocked, come on you don't always share either.  Remember the time there was that Britax carseat at Target for a steal at $42?  Only 1 person emailed and told me about it, yet I read about it on a dozen those who didn't post about it.  I get it, we like to keep our great finds to ourselves and want to be the only ones with something.  But, this time I came across something that was really, really, really cute (that I'm getting Baby I) and I was in a sharing mood like when I told you about MamaBargains ...ok, so here it is:

A personalized wire hanger for kids.  Oooppsss...forget the "no more wire hangers" thing that Joan Crawford had; I mean how many of these have you seen before?  Wouldn't this make a great baby shower gift for friends?  Yup!  For only $10 your gift, from lilafrances shop on Etsy, will be the most original and cutest!  

My civic duty is done for the day!


Gracie's Mom said...

Tami don't feel bad about the carseat, it was an error on Target's part and they DID NOT honor the price. They did however give us a $25 gift card so all was not lost:)

Tami said...

That's because you guys didn't tell me! LOL ;-)

haze said...

LOL, Tami you make me laugh!

It's true though, I've kept some stuff to myself - actually I'm talking about MamaBargains. Since you told me about it, I've been checking it everyday but as of yet have not passed on the good word to anyone else...Oh wait, not true - I did tell Andrea about it.

Okay, I AM a better person than you after all ;-P

Tami said...

That is true Haze...yes, you are! I am trying much harder though! :-)~

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Tami, I don't hold out on good finds, it's just that my "great finds" are from garage sales, thrift stores, and know, the kind of stuff that's really "one-of-a-kind". I love the hanger but your "no-more-wire-hanger" has me I get one, or not...hehehe.