Friday, February 19, 2010

Dang Blastit!

My agency has my complete package but there is 1 document that is a little off! So, I have to: re-do the document, get it notarized, get it certified, then send to Gladney. Guess what I'm doing next week? Heading over to a gov-ment office for certification...AGAIN! Then I'm DONE!

Keep your fingers crossed that next week a little baby timeline will finally be on the top of my page.

Also, I see a lot of people have done the photo 365 project. I wanted to but before you knew it I was at day 15, 30, etc. Instead I am going to do a Project Baby I where I take a photo a day until she comes home. Since my agency wait to referral is 8-9 months and then 2-3 months travel after that it looks like I may end up doing a Project 365 after all. Stay tuned!

Also, I want to rename the blog and start over (I'm bored and have been for a long time with this blog) but I need someone to design my new page. After a few years, I'm pretty over this page. Does anyone have a suggestion for someone who designs pages at an affordable rate?



Dana said...

Congratulations on getting all but the one document done. My agency reviewed everything before we get them notarized and authenticated. At the time I thought it was annoying but it probably saved me time and money.

Here's to you getting that last document to your agency next week :-)

Good thing you're in the DC area.

Peter said...

You're almost there!!! Congrats!


Gracie's Mom said...

They have lots of nice free backgrounds you could try.

VALARIE said...

Get 'er DONE! Oh, and now you have so many options for just selecting a new look for your page you really don't need a designer.