Monday, November 15, 2010

G-MA's Surprise Baby Shower

My mother is so excited about Baby I and all of her friends know it! I've finally gotten her under control about asking me "what is going on" because it drives me a little nuts (more than I already am). When people ask me "so, what's going on with your daughter?" I know they mean well, but does anyone not think that they would not know (especially my family) when I receive (and accept) a referral. It will be pretty clear that Baby I is in the house. Oh, yes it will...Baby I will be in the house. And she may even have a name. ;-)

Oh, I digress, this post wasn't supposed to be about me...back to my mother. She is so excited! This past weekend her girlfriends told her they were getting together for drinks and they gave her a grandmother's shower. Awwww. Baby I's first shower! Ok, Tami's all need to get on it...dang it back to me again. tee hee.

Check the goods out below, nice huh?

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