Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Since this is a Christian Blog... I won't say uncool words but WTX%$#!

I am so loosing my mind over here! Shut up Robbin!


Rebecca said...

I don't know how you're able to stand it! I've been checking your blog constantly. It's hard when you know you could get a call any day now. It HAS to be soon!

Karen said...

Look forward to the post where you tell us all about your daughter! (And hope it comes soon!!)

Anonymous said...

Your referral is coming.
Just remember that GOD has a reason for every season and it's ALL in his hands. Keep the faith and stay strong. Enjoy your holiday!!!

Sen :)

Jebena said...

...I know!!! Happy Thanksgiving Tami (and Robbin and Lulu)!

Jamie said...

I am thinking the same uncool words... I think I reached my breaking point last night and have been in and out of tears since. Although I am fully aware that God's timing is always perfect and never early I just want to see my babies... Hopefully soon for both of us!

Mercy said...

It will come, soon, I hope & all this anxiety will be a thing of the past!!..well, until the court date wait :-)