Tuesday, November 16, 2010

H&M has finally realized diversity pays the rent

I'm not a big H&M shopper. The clothes are cute, but they don't last long. In my youth (yea, I said it) I would have been all over H&M like white on rice, but now I only go in occasionally. Those occasions are when I am with a younger friend who is dying to go or with one of my BFF who is a size negligible and will look good in a brown paper sack (even at age xx...older). Usually I will pick up an item or two but that's it. It's always a great idea to mix the inexpensive with my vintage, TJMaxx and couture pieces. I also hear they have a kids line so this will be awesome for Baby I...well that is until I see how they wash. I've seen a few pieces in the thrift store and they looked trashed! Maybe Not?

While I may not be a fan of shopping at H&M their holiday campaign is fabulous! Look who is represented:

Yay, beautiful Ethiopian and Somalian women - Waris Dirie and Liya Kebde - do your thing! They make me want to go buy something...what the heck, my own stimulus plan!


Olivia said...

I just looove Liya Kebde. I've always thought she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Benetton's been doing it for long enough, it's about time H&M got on it!

Unfortunately we have no H&M here. :(

Lisa-just-Lisa said...

I was happy to see the H&M holiday ad campaign. The African models are so striking I couldn't help but notice the posters.

I only shop H&M for accessories and lately it's been my main stop for hair accessories.

Anonymous said...

Love the holiday ad campaign however, I have yet to find an inexpensive store where the clothes hold up after a wash or dry cleaning. It's a hit or miss with all of the stores. Every thing is so disposable these days. The saying is true "You get what you pay for". Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Sen :)

@Olivia-H&M has a website...

Jebena said...

Actually, H&M in Germany is totally different than alot of the H&M's here in the States (I have seen some pretty shabby-sad-hot-earthy-messes of H&M in some malls)so it's a hit and miss with them.

I lived and worked in both Ausberg and Frankfurt for a quick minute and H&M was the isht in both quality and their avant-garde fashion style.

I did find a cute H&M size 3T brown peacoat with bows on the pockets at a thrift store in my neck of the woods for $1.99--it's holding up so far (haven't been through the wash yet).