Friday, November 5, 2010

Sit still Too Long and I'll Paint You

No, there has not been any movement with Baby I or you can call her Isa, Isla, Ivy, Isley or Imani. :-) Robbin told me I'm not stable right now; actually she told Celeste, but then she told me. What a friend, however she is right. You know that FBI list the APs made? I never, ever, ever checked it until recently, now I'm a mad woman about it! I must check that list 6 times a day. Oh, wait... I haven't checked it in a few hours I'll be back. Nothing new, just the same family who went on the waitlist the same day as I and they were referred twin girls (awesome). Hey, I want to know if anyone has gotten a referral before me! And if so, who? Then why! LOL LUNATIC! ME! I admit it!

In my off lunatic moments, I am doing useful projects like repainting my house. Yes, my entire house. I was just bored with it. I decorated my house about 5 or more years ago and it just didn't reflect who I am today, so it was time to start over. I have plenty of energy now, what the heck. Word to the wise, don't come and visit me or if you do, don't stand still too long because if you do, I just may paint you. Guess I'll go back to painting the living room and sunroom. I'm a little ADD so I have to do like 2-3 projects at once. I'll let you know when everything is finished and send you to whatever blog is showing my home which will more than likely be Desire to Inspire. It won't be until the spring/summer, I'll let you know.


Bennett said...

I read ur first line, and just know there is progress happening even when it looks like nothing is happening

Jen said...

Chuckled I remember how crazy I was with the list:) Can't wait for you to get good news:)

Jamie said...

I feel your pain and share it completely. I cannot wait to see your referral post and am so eager to write our referral post as well!

Jebena said...

. . .thinking about you!

PS....tell Robbin to hit me up on my e-mail, gotta tell her sump-in'.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Checking that FBI list is the equivalent of taking 10 pregnancy tests hoping one will turn up positive. But at least you don't get pee on your fingers.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing.... Hope all is well and you're still sane; halfway. LOL :)

Enjoy your alone time because you won't have those days very soon.

Sen :)