Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bass Ackwards

My mother said I've always done things a little differently, case in point I came into the world premature with afterbirth first (yes, we almost both died)! Hey, I wanted to make an entrance (like the Diva I am (hehe)) and wanted to make sure that no one would forget Tami. I never was the quiet child. I was always bored so I had a playroom full of "creative items" accompanied by a yard full of wonder (read: stuff to get in to), I kept my mother on her toes.

Then there was school. I was the child that got straight A's in my classwork but straight 5s for my attitude. Yes a 1 was for she is sweet as pie and a 5 was for she doesn't know how or when to shut up. I know you are not very surprised I got 5s are you? I still don't know when to shut up but I'm an adult now and I don't much care what people think. I guess that's why I'm an entrepreneur because corporate...well....not so much! Anyway...more bass ackwards...
  • Growing up I would always have to have the last word with my mother even though I knew it meant getting smacked in the mouth...WHY????

  • Here's a good one...I got behind the wheel of a car when I was 4 and put it in reverse and down the hill I went with the car...I couldn't drive of course (I got it that night!). My mother chased the car and saved me and the car if you were wondering.

  • I purchased a manual transmission car first then learned how to drive a stick! was cheaper!

  • I did not go to the business school library even 1 time. It was on the other side of campus, too far to walk! Thank goodness for the Internet and nice companies! LOL

  • I went to Europe after business school and figured I would find places to stay along the way AND we stayed in a different city every night for two weeks straight!

  • I moved to NYC without a job or an apartment (thank God for friends).

  • I quit my good corporate job to start a company.

  • I started another company instead of looking for a good corporate job (risk adverse I'm not).

  • Finally, I'm starting a family before being married....oh that's not bass ackwards that's just life! Love it!

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Jocelyn said...

I too bought a stick shift and then learned to drive it (on my way back to KU from Chicago), and I also did the Europe thing without places to stay. Obviously I am starting a family without being married too. So, I think being bass ackwards is a great thing:-)