Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

You can observe a lot by just watching.
- Yogi Berra

What are you doing...thinking...wondering right now????

I'm sitting at my desk, talking to my Aunt (not really listening) thinking why do I keep buying this Trident gum that looses its flavor so fast? Pretty profound huh? I bet you thought I was deeper than that! Your turn.


Rebecca said...

That is hilarious! I will have to record my next random thought for you :)

Hi! I'm Laura. Welcome to my blog. said...

Try Trident Splash! The flavor lasts a long time! (peppermint vanilla's my fav)

...before i read your blog though i was thinking do i have the energy to go to home depot?

Tracey said...

I was jsut thinking a bunch of unprintables. I was just reading a post on my agency's yahoo group from one of those people who makes you want to scream "Please do not adopt from Ethiopia!" Other people managed to respond to her very nicely, but all I could think is why is someone who is so afraid of Ethiopia and the whole experience trying to adopt from there? So, I had to come here to let go of some of that tension. I knew I would read things I could relate to.

Melissa said...

I was just thinking 'why did i buy these stupid underwear one size too small?!?!' they are digging into my sides, forming muffin top belly and they just damned well hurt. i want to pull them out of my seat sooo badly but i have three people sitting around me. i wish i could just get up and go to the restroom but i'm too tired and lazy. that involves movement... something i don't want to do right now. i want to nap. why didn't i have a good night sleep? do i need to rotate my mattress? that involves movement too. damn.

Tami said...

I tell you...you never know someone until you have an open thread...I love it. Melissa...go to the bathroom! LOL Tracey Scream...Laura...go...;-) Listen to me...I can say that because I can say it...I still probably wouldn't do it if it were me. LOL

haze said...

Heeee, this was great! I meant to comment yesterday & now I can't remember why I didn't (I was probably having a 'blank' moment where I was thinking doodley squat!

Currently I'm thinking a) how much my feet hurt and b) about trying to gain momentum to get off the couch, get into the garden & plant my bulbs!