Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogdom: I Need Boy Names!

Dear Blogdom:

My bestfriend, yes the one who doesn't read my blog, is having a boy next month. The problem is she and her husband can't agree on a boy's name and I'm all out of suggestions. We've tried: Connor, Owen, Hayden, Jackson, (her first son is Desmond), Ellis, Tristen, Braydon and Randy to name a few. Her husband doesn't like them. He doesn't want anything that starts with an A because the boys initials would be ASS (that would build character They also want something a little different.

Soooooooooo....even though she doesn't read my blog, I love her (plus her first son is my Godson) and I thought I would see if the ole wise ones could come up with some boys names. So give me all of your best boys names...PLEASE! If you don't help and we don't find a name soon, I told her she may just have to find a new husband!


Jocelyn said...

I worked in a newborn ICU for years...I could give you a list beyond are some that I like!!


Let me know if you want more...

chou-chou said...

ooooh, fun!

since Sprouty is going to be a girl, I've had to wave a sad goodbye to my list of boys' names. But now I can share them with you and your friend!

Here they are, all the names I was weighing for Sprout if she were going to be a he - some are family names (as indicated) but you are welcome to use 'em!!

Burke (family name)
Jedediah (family name)
Kerrigan (family name)
Philip (family name)

haze said...

I don't have much for boy's names - there are some great ones already listed. Two that I would like if I adopt a boy later are Max(imillian) and Oliver. Also Simon and Noel.

Hey, has your friend's husband made any suggestions? If he shoots them down all the time he had better be offering up his own ideas ;-)

Tami said...

Keep coming with the names. Yesterday she suggested Ellis, Hayden and Preston he said no. He suggested Nelson and Neville she said no. LOL One of the great things about being single is we don't have to ask anyone what they think about our names. Some people don't like Baby I's name but I love it so...I it is. When I have a boy I also have his name and they are also iffy about that name but I love that one to so...that is done also. I have other things to stress about! Anyway...keep the names coming! Do you think she will come to the blog now? LOL

Tasha said...

Peter Isaac(PISS)
Kalel Igor (KISS)
Montgomery Eli (MESS)

Tracey said...

some of my favorites (Owen, Hudson, Connor) have already been mentioned, but here are a few more:

Sebastian (my godson's name)

Anonymous said...


Jen said...

Sorry to jump in, I stumbled over from another blog. My current fav is Grayson. Well favorite after the name we have chosen for our son: Cooper.

Tami said...

Jen- you are welcomed to jump in and visit from another blog and anon...thanks!

Tami said...

How about Tucker?

Liesl said...

I, too, stumbled across your blog from "the blog of a blog of a blog" :) Someone at my work just had a grandbaby and he is named Paxton. Kinda cute (and he is adorable!). I also like Biblical names like Caleb, Isaac, Levi, etc. Name-hunting is so fun! Tell your friends good luck :)

Tracey said...

I love Tucker. I used to teach Sunday school to a boy named Tucker. He was a cool kid.

Tami said...

Well...thanks everyone...she said thanks. Nothing worked out. She said many of the names are taken by family and friends. She doesn't know what she is going to do. I'm plum out of ideas. oh, well. Thanks again.

The Elliott Family said...

OK...I swear I just did this, but I'll post are ones I know:

Camden (my son)
Brodan (my son)
Lachlan (Nickname Lach(sounds like Lock)

Good luck to them!

Anonymous said...

was going to suggest Micah, but its already listed. was going to suggest Levi but that, too, is already listed. how about Abel (sorry, that's falling for the ASS trap). Jacob? Daniel?

Tami said...

I think we have are down to two names...Nigel and Patrick. They will put the names in a hat on the way to delivery and let her son choose so if it is a boy that will be the name. If it is a girl the name will be Ava. Thanks for your help!