Friday, September 14, 2007

Second Home Study Visit

I forgot to mention, I had my second home study visit (at my house) on Wednesday. I had read so many posts that the social worker doesn't do a "white glove" test like I thought so I didn't do anything different from how I normally live. I even kept the catch all room, albeit a little neater (read: current junk room which is in transformation to become Baby I's room). Everything was fine. One of my references was there to vouch for my sanity (I paid her after he left....LOL) and answer a few questions.

I still have to get my fingerprints, DMV records and a few other forms completed by our next and last visit which is the first week of October. The home study process is really very painless it's all the paperwork that will give you a migraine.


Rebecca said...

Your homestudy is so different from ours! We had one afternoon where we met with our caseworker (although, it was about 4 hours!) and that was it! She said it would take about a month to pull everything together for the actual homestudy report.

Anyway, it will fly by! You'll be amazed at how quickly everything will get taken care of!

Tami said...

Rebecca- It's actually kind of funny. While I want all of this to be over it is a little surreal. I'm thinking when Baby I get's here then what..??? LOL the social worker and I talked about the transition and I said I was hoping to bring her home in April or May so I had the summer months to transition with her because if I had to do it in the winter alone that seemed a little scary to me. I's too cold to go outside so when I'm done entertaining her what do we do just look at each other? Mommy can only do the Yoga handstand for so long you know? LOL Summer means people watching, beach, and other fun stuff! He thought that was a good idea...or at least that is what he told me.

chou-chou said...

Congrats! That's a major milestone down. I also had a really easy and straightforward HS process - piece o' cake.

And I do know that happy birthday song! How could I not? Stevie Wonder is a musical genius! :-)