Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Either Love Me or Leave Me

…And you're still reading my blog because???? If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m pretty sarcastic but –here we go again- racist I’m not. I know some people won’t address these things, they just say it will pass but not me…no way, I think it’s great to discuss and it will make a great conversation piece for my daughter’s life book so thanks for the memories! Plus it gives me something to blog about. It also adds to my point that race is ALWAYS an issue and probably ALWAYS will be so even more so the reason why I have my blog and am addressing the topics I am. Again, it isn’t going away. I live this stuff everyday! Sorry, if I offend but I get offended quite often because of my race…Hey, you get sick of me talking about it but guess what there are whole organizations/companies devoted to this exact topic…I just talk about it on occasion.

To the two anonymous messages that I received thanks, I’m glad I stirred up emotion in you. I think it’s pretty cool that I have that power, now if I can only do good with this power! J (You are probably not laughing right now but I am!) FYI, the positive comments received on my site are from other white bloggers so obviously I’m not so racist. If you take the time to go through my site you would see I have never posted anything negative about my posts to be clear on my views before you attack me. Now as far as the last post I said that the woman should use less expensive products and I asked the question…Whatever happened to Vaseline? Hey lady…it was a question!!!!!!!!! Jeez…I laughed when I wrote that! You should have also! Maybe you need an extracurricular activity or something! Hey Tasha or Chou Chou can you suggest one for her? Maybe she should read Michael Moore’s books or watch his movies (love him or leave him)…I love him!

The point is…one person is never going to see the same thing another person sees. Secondly, different races tend to see things differently because we have different experiences. This blog is merely a blog from my perspective…you can either take it or leave it but as I heard a pastor say: stop coming if you don’t like my sermon.


Tasha said...

Whoa nelly!!! Am I missing something? Or maybe I'm reading the blog all wrong?
Where are the anti-white sentiments? I'm just not seeing them. All I saw was a topic about hair products and that Tami was *gasp* admitting that we don't need to be victims of advertising. It's okay to go Suave in a Paul Mitchell world.

And let's face it- black hair is NOT the same as caucasian hair. And ethnic hair is NOT the same as caucasian hair. My best friend growing up, a black girl, would scream and scream and cry to high hell whenever her mom would comb her hair. And when I lived in Asia most of my adult life, I would be petrified to go to a hair salon and have to explain to them that they could not treat my hair the same as their usual customers because my hair texture and tolerance was different.

Really, it's all a fact of life. Our bodies are different and it's interesting to learn about those differences and respect them.

In conclusion, I want to point out that while I was living in Japan, most people wouldn't sit next to me or other westerners on the train. When I asked why, I was told it was because we Westerners reeked of beef and butter. Seriously.

Tasha said...

Oh shit. I didn't realize that you called me out to make a suggestion. And I've been trying to remain invisible and hide in the comment section.

An extracurricular activity? I dunno..I usually find that sex works wonders at getting rid of stress and anger issues.

Okay.. Chou Chou, you're up. You make a suggestion. (Just watch, she'll probably suggest something creative and productive and make me look like the schmuck that I am)


What have I done to deserve this mockery!??!?! Why won't the world just leave me alone!??!

Rebecca said...

Wow! I didn't know you were sooo controversial! :) I just went back and ready the anonymous comments. Honestly, part of living in this world is being open and getting different perspectives on life, right?!? At least, it should be!

Hope you had fun on the cruise!! No pictures??

Tasha said...

One final thing... I want to add the disclaimer that I have never ever met Tami nor anyone else who posts here.

So for the anonymous posters out there, please realize that the support Tami is getting is from those of us who have happened across her blog, liked it and decided to bookmark it as a site to visit daily.

And if you have a blog, are honest in it, you too will find that you have supporters who will rally around you when you're wrongfully and personally attacked.

Tami said...

Thanks guys for the support! Not back from the cruise yet! I will have tons of pictures. The cruise is AMAZING! I am meeting tons of people and making connections for my business. I've nixed going back to corporate land...can't do it! I've meet and all kind of jazz legends and have become cool with some even like Lalah Hataway. I have a picture with the man I love Boney James. There are over 25 Jazz Musicians here at least! I'm volunteering next year! BTW if you haven't heard of Ken Ford go to his website AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cruise is fabulous!!!!!!!!! It was exactly what I needed from a professional and personal perspective.

Tracey said...

Anonymous clearly doesn't udnerstand you. It is not as if you hold anything back, so if you were agaisnt white people adopting black kids, we all know you would just come out and say it. You probably just hit a nerve that she didn't want to deal with. I have made comments on yahoo groups about what a great job some white families I know are doing of living very mulitcultrual lives and exposing their children to other black people, and been criticized as against transracial adoption because I pointed out that others are not doing such a great job. Neither you nor I are saying don't do it. We are saying do it properly and with your kids' interst at the forefront.

Katy said...

Wow! I thought your post was funny and smart commentary, not insulting to anyone except maybe the Carol's Daughter product hording woman who doesn't bathe her kid. Maybe your anonymous commenter is a weekly kid-bather and the truth hurts. Oh well, you can't please everyone, and you do seem to have quite a crew of people here who are loving your blog, including me!

Jocelyn said...

You are sooo controversial...who knew!! I feel like we need to be on a Jerry Springer show soon:-)I'll be on your side!! Now go to the bar and ask them to make you a Baily Banana Colada and relax!! (I swear, the best drink ever)!!

CortneyGee said...

I choose to LOVE YOU... glad that you are still blogging ... even happier to read you are cruising and havibng quite the time of your life .. Is Micheal Franks there ?

"and when GOD gave out rhythm sure was good to you
you could add subtract and multiple and divide by two..." Popsicle Toes

Tasha said...

( ) Love you
( ) Leave you

Um... Tam, hon, can you give us some other options as well?

Hang in there!

Tami said...

Okay Tasha you can

- make fun of me
- be indifferent towards me
- be sarcastic

but just don't be mean to me!

Tasha said...

Thanks! Wiggle room is always appreciated. ;-)