Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Mother's Child

My friend Chenita, Me and My Mommy

I remember saying I would never be like my mother but now I find myself doing/saying the same things that my mother does. I am my mother’s child! For example, I swore I would never….

  • Go to bed early... I fall asleep in front of the TV around 9 pm or earlier if nothing is keeping my attention.

  • Say "This Too Shall Pass" or "You'll Get Over It" or "You Know You Can Have Anything You Want"....I say them all!

  • Get tired of hanging out on weekends with my friends... My couch is oh so comfortable; my friends say I'm the worse to try to get out of the house!
What are those things you swore you would never do that your mother did and now you find that you have become your mother (or a better version ;-) )?


Tasha said...

Have a big booty.


Tami said... are stupid! LOL

Katy said...

Ugh. I say things with authority, like I am an expert on the matter, and have no idea what I am talking about. I HATE when she does that, and I hear myself do it more and more as I get older. And I say that something is "not acceptable behavior" or "not an acceptable reason" or "not an acceptable color for pants" or whatever. My becoming my mother is "not acceptable"!

Tasha said...

Nope, I got her booty all right. And her thighs too.

Jocelyn said...

Yes, I got my mom's booty and thighs too:-0

haze said...

Chuckle. I got the booty too (except Mom's is starting to droop and mine is not yet! And the backs of my hands are transplanted from Mom - most alarming!

Besides physical appearance, I think I'll really see how much I am like my mom when I have my daughter home and start saying things like "I am sick and tired of [insert transgression here]" and other nagging. I do look forward to calling M "Honeybunch," which was Mom's names for me and my little sister.

Mom said...

Now you know you are nothing like me. I told you I found you on a door step. And, I can't belive you posted that picture !!!!!!!!!!