Thursday, October 11, 2007

African Ancestry Roots

When I first started blogging (see post) I said I was going to get my DNA tested to see where my mother’s family was from in Africa. I got my results back and I am proud to announce that my African Ancestry is shared with people in several countries today: the Mende people in Sierra Leone, the Fula people in Guinea-Bissau, and the Kru people in Liberia. For those of you who don’t know geography (don’t worry I don’t either) the countries are in West Africa on the Coast side-by-side.

From what I can tell in my reading, many of the slaves from those particular tribes were taken to the Caribbean. This makes sense being that my family is from the islands of Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Antigua and I even have family in Panama. Once you live on one island you can live on pretty much any island, have raft…will float! Was that politically correct? Who cares it's my family I can say what I want!

Bottom line, this is pretty exciting, now I need to visit the countries. Too bad when I go to pick up Baby I there won’t be enough money or energy to stop over in those countries since I will be on that side of the world. I’ll put the trip on my agenda to do when Baby I is a few years old and I have a few extra thousand dollars burning a whole in my pocket. I'll get a nice vacation and Grandmommy will get a few weeks of dedicated grandmothering...she'll love that (won't you?) Until then I’ll start reading (and praying for a money tree...oh I mean for my business to prosper) and looking for all the information I can in the US on Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia and my tribes.

One of the great things about living in DC is that all of the embassies are here, maybe I can get invited to some big cultural affair since I have just found my roots! If they try to say no do you think swinging my braids would work? Smile

Late addition: I'm a little obsessed with this DNA stuff. I forgot to add now I have to do the ad mixture to find out where the other half of my family is from. You know...who the slaves mixed with. LOL I hear we have Lebanese, Spanish (duh, Dominican Republic) and Scottish. Another test and another time (read: money).


Drew Carey Show said...

Very cool! I had no idea you could do that! what a rich heritage.

Jen said...

Love your blog! Thanks for posting on mine. I used to live in the DC area. My dad is still there in fact and I visit annually.

I've heard about this DNA testing. How amazing that they can trace your roots. As you said, I would want to go and visit. Now you'll get to bring baby when that time comes. Good luck with everything!

Tasha said...

I need to find out where my peeps are from.

Which genetics company did you use for your DNA?

60 Minutes had a great story on it last Sunday and PBS did this phenomenal story on it but they used famous Americans such as Oprah, Mayalou.

chou-chou said...

This is so very cool!

So great that you now have an itinerary for that future trip to check out your roots!!

haze said...

So cool! I would like to do this one day.

Jocelyn said...

That is great that you found so much out about your heritage! You will definitely need to visit Africa again!! By the way, good note to self about the crib:-)

Darlene said...

Hey Tami,
Love your blog. It's been a while since we talked -- since the Mesgana dancers but I've been thinking about you. Life has been kind of crazy lately. You know I also did the DNA African Ancestry test and my results were Fulani (Northern Cameroon) and Tikar. The Fulani and Fula are the same ethnic group so hey -- we are cousins!! I'll email you offline. Take Care


Anonymous said...

If you have your haplogroup information check out and see if you have any genetic matches. I tested with African Ancestry and Ancestry DNA and I have yet to find an exact match on mitosearch but the closest ones are in Guatemala, the Virgin Islands and Cuba. Pretty interesting for your "average" African American. Once you start stirring the soup, you can find some amazing ingredients.