Friday, October 5, 2007


Okay, so I had a long/short almost two-week hiatus. I had some things to think about. I'm pretty clear but I figured I better get back before I loose my friends. I bet you are wondering what the heck I did or what revelations I had and they better be good! Yea, I'm wondering the same thing! Let's see for this post I'll start with some of the light and easy things like what I have been doing and I still have time to make other stuff up for the revelations part!

During my hiatus I continued playing flag football and got injured every time I played! I love that game. I know that statement is typically reserved for basketball but since I don't play basketball I'm hijacking it and using the quote for football, so there! Football is a great frustration re-leaser. I get to hit people and I don't even get in trouble. Forget the fact that it is flag football, they hit me first! Yea, I went into this activity thinking it was a non-contact sport...SILLY ME! Since playing football I have had poison ivy from falling on the grass (seems strange I know), a sprained quad, my knee was cut open to the white meat from falling on it (that hurt like H-E-L-L!), sprained fingers (I think I have the hang of catching properly now after that wrong catch), my ankle stepped on (OUCH) and have been bulldozed by men and women on the opposing team. I mean I had to FINALLY start taking up for myself! LOL I'm bulldozing back and becoming a man (or WO-MAN) about it. One practice I pushed this woman back so hard (into her quarterback) when I was rushing the quarterback (as I pushed her into him) said "DA*&"...that's right! Don't mess with Contradiction! (That's my name!) I ain't no sissy! HEEHEE

Here's a picture of my knee injury after the fact. I thought about taking a picture of it when it happened for you all to see as I was pretty proud but it was actually pretty gross, you could see the white meat and all!

Next, this past weekend in DC was the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Leadership Foundation Leadership Conference (CBC). This is when many of the politicians, business leaders and other big wigs from the African American community come together for five days to discuss the state of the African American community and suggest ways to make a difference. The CBC conference is the one time of the year that all 42 African American Members of Congress have a platform to share the progress of their work on legislative items and also allows for the exchange of ideas correlated to policy issues that are of critical concern to their constituents. CBC is the place to be each year in our community. During the day we get our intellectual on and in the night we get our groove on! Trust when I tell you everyone has a party and they are the bomb! There are parties all over DC...Jessie Jackson Jr. always has good partys and Harold Ford Jr. used to. Last year Barak Obama had a party and the line was many, many, many blocks long to get into. This year I was a bore and attended only 1 party (100 Black Men Party) that my friend Audrey (pictured below) dragged me, kicking and screaming to. It was okay...but free drinks and food is ALWAYS good in my book!

I have no idea who this is in the picture with me but I thought we looked cute together so I thought I would post.

Oh..and I had my last home study visit! Although you know I still owe him a few more papers but I'm done with all of the visits YEAHHHHHHHH!


Jocelyn said... more home visits!! Glad to see you are alive after all of your injuries. Maybe just maybe next year you will get drafted by the professional flag football league:-)I'll be your agent if you want, we will ask for no less then a 3 year contract at $30.00 a year!! I am good aren't I?

Rebecca said...

Yay! You're back!

I had to cringe at the part where you gashed your knee. I too did that, and have a huge nasty scar! yuck!

Tracey said...

Welcome back!

Tami said...'s nice to be back. I don't think I want to be a professional flag football player, I'm sure I'll be sidelined all the time! LOL

Tasha said...

Hmmm... out of ALL the parties, the ONLY one you attended was the 100 Black Men?!?! Ha!! You are my twin! I, too, would attend the one that had 'men' in the title as well.


welcome back.

haze said...

"100 Black Men Party" - good choice!

p.s. I love your pictures. You are so pretty (but don't go swinging your braids!!)

Tami said...

Thanks haze!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I'm done swinging braids, my mother cured me of that!