Friday, July 18, 2008

A Week For Friends

So far this week has been a week for friends.  Okay, so I have only seen two friends but that is a lot for me during a week!  You know how we get caught up into our own lives.  One of my friends was in town from Texas for her sorority (Alpha Kappa Alpha...I belong to Me Phi Me) annual conference so I visited with her and her adorable daughter for a few moments.  Victoria is so smart and cute I couldn't believe it.  At 3, she was having a conversation about the cost of gas with me!  Not really but I felt like she could have.  Oh, check out the diaper bag next to me.  That used to be Victoria's but she told me I could have it for Baby I.  How cute is that?  Great bag too.    

I also had dinner with Tracey.  We have been meaning to catch up for ages but this week she had childcare so she put on a skirt, got the "Mommy you look pretty" comment from Amara, and we hit the town!  Not really we just went to our local suburban downtown's swankiest bar and flirted with the bartender (and let him flirt with us more importantly).  We had a great time!  The food was fabulous and so were the drinks.  We laughed, talked about men, kids, careers and men some more.  We felt like we were in NYC...that was until we looked out the window and saw the big DSW sign.  I suggested that they close the drapes for more of the NYC illusion.  Instead, we just decided to turn our backs and have another drink!  LOL  

The night finally had to come to an end because Tracey's get out of jail card was going to expire, I mean she had to go pick up her beautiful loving daughter!  :-)  We laughed and said we must do this again soon and marveled that this time next year I'll be the one who will too be looking for babysitting because Baby I will be home!  Nah...she'll be along for the ride!  I won't want to let her out of my will be Sushi or Ethiopian for us (only places where kids are allowed)!  


haze said...

Victoria has such beautiful, big eyes and YOU look fabulous, Tami!

Your dinner with Tracey sounds great. It's so wonderful to connect with friends. I know I've been a bit busy and neglectful this summer and have missed hanging out with some very special people in my life.

I'm still looking forward to meeting you!!

Tami said...

Hey Haze. I can't wait to meet you also! Next summer when we all have our little babes in arms!

VALARIE said...

My first thought. Hey, how did she get a baby already? It's such a cute picture o you both. Loved the story as always you make me laugh! Glad you girls got out.

Tracey said...

You failed to mention that we flirted our way to free drinks. That's a big bonus to us girls on a budget! And that you showed up at my house with that butt-kickingly awesome scooter for Amara (which I shall return when baby I is big enough to ride it.) Thanks again!

Anna said...

too, too cute!

Gracie's Mom said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. That Victoria is gorgeous, her eyes are sooooo beautiful!!!