Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everything But the Baby

Last night I went to get a new gym membership at LA Fitness with Laura.  I decided I was tired of  working out at Washington Sports Club (WSC) with myself and it was a little too expensive.  So, since I have a few friends that already work out there I figured this would be a great place to switch too.  You should have seen Laura and I... wheeling and dealing, getting all of the  freebies and perks.  Guess what we even got thrown in?  Two (2) free passes to the Kids club for the life of my membership!  This is worth $20 a month.  At WSC I would have had to pay $2 each time I dropped my kid off so say I worked out 5 times a week (just say I did) that's $40 a month for 1 and $80 for 2.  

So what I don't have a kid yet... I have babysitting at the gym!  I'm starting a nursery and haven't completed my dossier yet...what's your point?!  Should I send you back to my bass ackwards post?  Hello my name is Tami and I'm bass ackwards!  LOL  


Robbin said...

Here is a bit of inspiration--- Finish the DOSSIER!! The good thing is that then you can blame someone else for the wait and not have to worry about your own procrastination. Several months back I sent you a message about your time frame lol. I've taken the initiative and reviewed your timeline and with my Gladney experience from completing my own, you have everything that you need to just box it up and ship it over! Are you using KBS? I did not but authentication was very easy here.

So come on.... Send it out!!!! And then you can go about the business of waiting.


sparkz said...

Sweet! I love this post! That is something that I would do!!! That's cool that you got free babysitting!

Tasha said...

Do you have her college application filled out already too?

Tami said...

Tasha, I've been thinking about colleges with all of this time I have on my hands...I've come up with a few. Maybe I'll write a post about it for you. LOL