Friday, December 25, 2009


Since I had absolutely nothing to do today (my last year of this! YEAHHH), I have been cleaning out my blog reader. I had over 130 blogs I was trying to keep up with. It was actually stressing me so I got rid of about 50. Now, If you do the calculation I still have over 80. Next holiday or snow day I'm getting rid of more...this is a full-time job I tell you...I'm sure I won't be getting rid of yours though. ;-)

Anyhoo, while looking at blogs I came across a man who did a raisin experiment with his son 2 years in a row. The first year when his kid was 3, his son seemed pretty happy about the raisins ranking his squeal a 6 out of 10. The second year when he was 4 his son was none too happy. As a matter of fact he couldn't believe he had "RAISINS!...You gave me raisins? Here, put this in your food!" O. MY. GOODNESS. This is the funniest Christmas present opening I have ever heard. It is a classic. Listen to both audio recordings here. It is so funny that I think I may do that experiment with Baby I but not using raisins. I'm looking forward to tormenting my child(ren) just as my mother did me! Opps I mean loving them dearly! LOL

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