Monday, December 28, 2009

More Fabulousness for Baby I

Remember when I said I was going to use this fabric for the nursery and build the design around it?

Well, I'm a Gemini. I changed my mind and fell in love with something else.
I am registered on this fabulous site ( which I keep track of the items I love and when it is marked down I get an email. How cool is that? So, I was on one of my favorite store's website (Anthropologie) and found a wallpaper I loved but I didn't love the price of $198 a roll. Since it is Anthropologie and they have awesome sales I just politely saved it in Wishpot and went about my indecisive business. A month or two later I get a notice from Wishpot that said the wallpaper was marked down to $29.99 a roll. WHAT? Sold! I bought two rolls for Baby I's room and just like that the fabric has moved to be a part of the playroom decor. Yes, I know I am just a mess, but you just wait! Fabulousness is coming soon! In about 6-9 months that is! LOL


kristine said...

Love the wallpaper too! I'm a gemini also! I cannot wait to see what the room looks like when you're finished.

And when you are finished you are welcome to come up to us and do something with my bedroom. please.

Jebena said...

I like the wallpaper because it can be played up with Baby-I's dresser whereas the colorful animal print (beautiful I might add) would maybe compete with it and make the room too busy??? Either way, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Barbara said...

christ woman you know how to get the deals.