Sunday, December 27, 2009


Day after Christmas shopping...gotta love it. I went out to get buttons for a coat but felt my car going in the direction of the thrift store and Anthropologie. It wasn't me I tell you. My first stop was the thrift store where I found a balance bike. So what did I pay? Check it out:

Balance bike normally $90. ThriftME price $4.84 (5% of the original) I am too lazy to take a picture b/c it is 5am but it looks exactly like this but the stain is a little faded from sitting in the sun. When I get on my paint run this summer, I plan to throw this little cutie in the mix also. A nice orange and yellow or turquoise and yellow will be fabulous I think!

Then my car keep on going to Anthropologie where I was very lucky because this store is moving and is the only Anthropologie in the area having a 40% of clearance items! SCORE. I found a dress, pair of pants, shirt and belt. The original price of all items was $292. ThriftME price was $31.68 (10% of the original).

Ahhh....a great day in ThriftME land not to be confused with ThriftME island (that was for you Robbin).


Robbin Hopkins said...

LOL....yeah yeah yeah... stinkin thrift store!!!!! See you MADE me comment cause you called me out!

kristine said...

You are too funny with these thirft store purchase reports! Love the bicycle photo but i think i need photos of the clothes also.

Monica Lidya's Mom said...

Wow you are a great shopper! Under $5.00 for that bike is amazing. I paid $75.00 for one and thought I was really getting a deal. Those balance bikes have great resale value so I bet you can even make a profit when you resell it after Baby I is done with it.

Tami said...

Monica, I never thought about resale value! LOL Good looking out! Kristine, you don't really want pictures of my clothes! LOL

Nancy said...

Great find!! Mimi loved her run bike.