Friday, June 15, 2007

Where Are You From?

Yesterday's post had me thinking. As an African American what does that really mean? Where is my family really from? I know my family is from Dominican Republic, Jamaica and blah, blah...but where are we REALLY from? Where did that big slave ship depart from? And where are my "other" relatives from? Are those stories that get passed down from generation to generation old wives tales or are they true? Well, if I am going to be a mother I have decided that any lies I tell my kid I am going to make sure that I make them up myself! LOL far as my family background, I want to know who I am and where my family comes from. I am going to take a DNA test specifically for people of African origin! No...not to see who my father is kind of test but this test:

The MatriClanTM Test Kit traces the mother’s mother’s mother’s line back at least 500 years. How does it work?If the ancestry is African, the MatriClanTM Test can identify the present-day African region with which you share genetic maternal ancestry.Your maternal ancestry may not be African. If the ancestry is non-African, you will learn where it is found in the world.
Men and women can use this test.

The MatriClanTM Test Kit uses cells swabbed from the inside of your cheek.
The MatriClanTM Test Kit includes:
Two sterile swabs
Two bar-coded swab envelopes
Simple, easy-to-follow instructions
Specimen information form see sample
Terms and conditions
Postage-paid return envelope

It takes 6 weeks for results and costs $349...Let's see...I had a birthday last week...I'm sure someone didn't get me a who can I call to collect a gift from????????? LOL Okay...part of a gift!

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Pernell said...

Wow, I didn't realize the sacrifice...the financial sacrifice.

Keep on keepin on babe. I wish I was that baby.....

Because you gonna give that baby alot of love and brothers could sure use some of that unconditional luv from sistas::::::::::::::::::::))))) Just jokin....