Monday, March 17, 2008

Diaper Free?

Now that I am approved by my social worker to adopt I thought I better start thinking more about little things like daycare, strollers, cribs, nurseries, and apparently potty training. I really didn't know potty training was such a big deal until I came across an organization called Diaper Free Baby. Basically, they believe you can potty train your little one beginning as early as you can stand it therefore making life so much better for you and your baby. Well...ummm...okay...I guess the idea of not putting a wet diaper on my kid is much better for her but is it really much better for me? How am I supposed to potty train a 4 month old? Who the heck has all of that time to decide when her infant needs to go to the potty? Who is going to sit with her all day and night and look for those little signs on her precious face and wonder, does that mean a tinkle or a #2? Oh, boy...imagine that visual! I'm sorry but I love my little Baby I (can I love a baby I have no idea who it is yet?) and I can't wait for her to get here but I'm not gonna lie to ya, I adore my beautiful furniture and my designer clothes (go ahead call me shallow...I don't care!). I just can't even imagine carrying that kid around with a bare bottom thinking please don't pee yet, please don't pee yet, and for heaven's sake please don't recycle those split pees Mommy gave you for lunch. And, I have another question: Are you stuck in the house during this entire time? How do you go to the store, a friends home or even church? To the lady next to you in church as you child pees on them: "OH my. I'm so sorry! We are practicing elimination communication and you know accidents do happen. It's only a little urine, it will come out in the wash!" Yea right!

I'm sure being diaper free is better for your baby. I'm sure it will prevent UTI's, diaper rash, save the environment and all of that stuff but hey, diapers were good enough for me (and I never and any of that stuff) they will be good enough for Baby I. Plus, from what I hear, all of the new fangle advances with the diaper industry, I think Baby I will be just fine and dry in her diappies!


Katy said...

Congrats again on being officially approved. I just made up a little poem by accident:

I agree
Diaper free
not for me

I thought it was on your blog that I first learned about G Diapers, no? Didn't you used to have a little link/ad type thing in your sidebar? I thought the whole idea sounded pretty cool, but I worry that they would (a) be really expensive and (b)clog up my town's sewer system. I can't wait to practice "elimination communication." Ha!

Anna said...

I like the little poem, and I would have to agree. Messy diapers are gross enough inside the diaper. I cant imagine without the diaper- yuck!
Now girls...what about breastfeeding?