Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Torture

I was tagged by Haze.  Thanks Haze.  (boo!)  I tried to ignore her for a few days but alas that was not working so here are 10 random (I'm not sure how interesting though) things about me:
  1. My all time favorite: I completed 2 years of business school without ever stepping foot into our library on campus!  LOL  It was all the way across campus and I was too lazy to walk!  (yes, I did pretty good in graduate school!)
  2. I traveled for 2 weeks in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Morocco spending every night in a different city.  It was great but exhausting!  I needed a vacation from my vacation when it was over.  
  3. Over 75% of my hair is gray!  No, this beautiful red is not natural.  LOL
  4. I have lived without a stove in my house for the last 4 months.  I broke it and then didn't feel inspired to buy another one because....WHY?  I have a George Forman Grill, a crock pot, a toaster oven AND a microwave...I tell you, I cook up some stuff (really, I do, it's amazing)!  Plus, I want to redo my kitchen this summer.  
  5. I never cut school, missed curfew or snuck out of the house growing up.  My mother was crazy! I was too afraid of her to do any of those things.  (I love you Mommy)
  6. My nose has been broken 3 times.  Once has a kid playing softball, once in high school to get it fixed, once in college from a boyfriend being chivalrous (you can see that worked.)
  7. I don't know how to do a cartwheel.  I'm afraid to do the flip, always have been.
  8. I'm extremely close to my family.  I talk with my mother and my two Aunts almost every day.    
  9. I used to own over 200 pairs of shoes but now I'm trying to learn to lead a simple life...I'm down to about 100.  LOL
  10. I am addicted to magazines!  I probably get at least 10 magazines a month then I buy more.  I have magazines stacked up in nice neat piles in my house because there is always something that I have to save from the magazine.  I have them in magazine files.  I love magazines.  
Do I have to tag someone now?  Hmmmm...okay...Valarie, you are it.  I'll be nice to everyone else.  See, I'm getting nicer as I'm getting busier.  Okay...I'm going back to work now!  


Katy said...

I tagged Valerie today too. Lucky her!

Anna said...

So are you saying my web site is too hard to type or something? I saw your comment on Katy's blog...
Or were you just being nice and trying to spare me?

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything

haze said...

Actually, those are 10 interesting things about you! I know how busy you've been so thanks for participating & not hating me for tagging you :-)

My faves: #3 #4, and #6.