Friday, March 21, 2008

More About Me

Not that I'm that interesting, but mostly because I haven't had much to write about this week and because Anna said she doesn't know anything about what I do. So, what do I do? Good question Anna. I am a lifestyle consultant/manager. Ummm... What's that? Nope. It isn't an executive coach. I need an executive coach and actually have one when I can afford to pay her! LOL She makes more than I do! Of course I had to find the best one! Oh, I digress, back to what I do.

I assist each person to live their ultimate life. Since ultimate is different for each person, I create individualized plans for my clients to help them get to the life that they want to lead then help them implement it. My male clients say I'm like the wife without the benefits. So, I provide interior consulting services, research, personal shopping, concierge and the ultimate liaison/relationship management services. My company provides this service to individuals, apartment/condo buildings and businesses. I've been doing this for about a year after leaving the lush life of corporate America (yeah right) as a consultant (in different capacities) after getting my MBA (which I am still paying for by the way!). Having my own business has its ups and downs and many days I say I'm going to work at McDonald's (figuratively not literally) or go braid hair on the beach (one day I may) but it's spring and it's all good. The economy sucks, but there is always a plan B namely my expensive A$# MBA...LOL. Here are two questions people always ask me about what I do:

How did I get into lifestyle management/concierge work? I was managing everyones life better than my own. My friends and family kept asking me to help them with projects so I thought maybe I could get paid to do this.
What do I enjoy the most about what I do? Networking with people. I have a gift of gab. Get me in a room with folks and I can talk to anyone and find out deep dark secrets! Oh...and I love designing. I really should have gotten a Master's in Design instead of an MBA but many designers aren't formally trained...I'm getting OTJT (on the job training). Following are a few of my design pictures.  They would be much more exciting if you saw the before or knew the story behind them but you don't so this is what you get:


haze said...

I salute you for knowing your skills and finding a business niche to put them into practice.

You certainly have a great eye for style. I love the colors - especially the orange tones. Why not pop over to Calgary and help me finish pulling my house together! I have no style at all.

Tami said...

Thanks Haze. I tend to work with clients that love color. Hey, I travel. I spent one month in Atlanta moving someone and redoing a home there last year. And I've traveled back and forth to Philly and New Jersey to work on a place so I do travel. :-)

Anna said...

Thank you for resonding to my question. Im glad I could inspire a post. I think it must be so awsome to be your own boss. Kuddos to you for striking out on your own and taking a chance at loving what you do for work.

Craig & Cindy said...

Wow-Wow! I love your designs. Want to come to my place to help me out with my hacienda? :)


Tami said...

Thanks Cindy! Sure, I travel...:-)