Friday, March 28, 2008


Two days ago I received a letter from USCIS which said I have an appointment to get my biometrics taken.  Laura was over and we looked at each and said what the heck is biometric? It sounds pretty official though!  I said well do they want my DNA or body mass?  Laura said...oops I forgot what Laura said but the point is we were a little stumped by biometrics. 

So...I did what my mother trained me to do, went to the dictionary.  Wilkeipedia first says biometrics has to do with biological studies in forestry...okay, I'm not a tree...moving on.  The next most common definition had something to do with recognizing the study of humans.  I think this is where I finally fit in but they kept using words like behaviometrics to explain biometrics!  Made sense to me (it must have been a PHd who wrote this).  So, I keep going down the definition hoping it would start to make sense then lo and behold a chart and guess what I saw?  FINGERPRINTS!!!!!  

The USCIS sent me this letter about getting my biometrics when all they could have said was come get your fingerprints taken!  Why does everyone try to use such big words when a simple word like fingerprints will do?  Anyway...I AM GETTING MY FINGERPRINTS BIOMETRICS taken next week!  


haze said...

Why use the well known (ie. common) vernacular when you can say the same thing AND add confusion AND make people feel stupid for having no idea what you're talking about!

USCIS - makes me think CSI - if they ask for a swab from inside your mouth - run!

Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

um, what i said (after the initial confusion) was fingerprints!!! but it's all good :)

Tami said...

Obviously your graduate education degree helped you out. That MBA didn't help me with this much! :-)

graceling said...

Why biometrics? Because it's the government. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. When I got my letter it said fingerprints - my confusion was over my 97 year old grandma's fingerprints - apparently she could be a real danger to a ET baby. Finally in the end - afer hobbling to the CIS office TWO times they decided that maybe she couldn't get to a baby fast enough to seriously injur him/her and decided to waive the printing for GRAMZ! Good luck on your BIOMETRICS DAY!

Ali in NY

megan said...

I just had the appointment and I admit I googled it, I didn't have a clue what biometrics was. Just a tip for you they give out 50 appointments at the same time as you so try and get there at least 15 minutes early. Have fun!!!