Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not Working Out As Planned

Well, my ADD/ABD got the best of me and I'm behind. I bet you predicted that! I have two meetings tomorrow that I'm getting prepared for so, I have only viewed 1 of the 10 videos! I know, I know, I know! Hmmm...this isn't working out as planned. Does anyone have the answers to the quizzes I can buy? Just kidding!!!!!!!!


haze said...

As someone who has sat on her immigration/child sponsorship forms since NOVEMBER, I don't have any advice for you.

So, I'll just say, completing the homestudy is such a big deal and accomplishment. You will be so relieved when it's done. Can you take a day or two off work? Make it official with no email or meetings - and make a list of what you need to accomplish each day in order to complete the training. Then check off each item as you complete it. For me, I have a hard time getting paperwork done on the weekends. Taking time off work means I have to put the time to good use.

Sounds like great advice - I'm sure I could follow it myself ;-)

Tami said...

Yes, that certainly SOUNDS like good advice! LOL Have you ever heard the saying...shoemakers children never have any shoes? I can manage everone else's life better than my own! LOL Sighhhhh. LMAO After today I'm going to work on it...then ofcourse something will come up tomorrow! S$&*!!!!!!! My mother ofcourse is heartbroken because her first grandchild will not be her by Christmas it seems.