Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nothing New

I don't have much to talk about these days because I'm waiting for approval to come back from USCIS and I'm working like crazy, but I am doing a few fun things:
  • I tore the hot tub out, so now I have a whole room to torment myself with decorating...the shoemakers children never have any shoes!
  • I'm sick of my blog name...don't be surprised if you click on one day and you are directed to a new page.  Don't you think it is time I have a name that is a little more reflective of my pleasant (heeheee) personality.  I'm still taking suggestions.
  • Spring cleaning is underway.  Tell me how it is that you clean one room, then another room becomes a mess?  I'm taking everything I'm getting rid of and putting it in my empty room, but that happens to be my nursery!  We have to get that out of here so I can get started on Baby I's room.  I'm just looking for small motivation here!  


haze said...

Spring Cleaning? Blech!

Congrats on removing the hot tub.

VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Yea, I was confused about the cleaning thing too. But, now I'm actually seeing the improvement. Get to cleaning!

Tasha said...

how about:






Tami said...

Tasha, I really like: why are you bothering me? LOL Do you think that is appropriate for my blog?

Bennett said...

Hello Tami,

I have watched your blog for months and months, following your story. I feel like a blog stalker when I say that..........(LOL) well I guess I am, anyway, I just figured out how to post comments, so I am posting away on everyones blog, and wanted to say to you I really enjoy reading your blog, and you are one of the first blogs I look up daily, or maybe every other day..........well I am in the process also of adoption from Et, and if you wld. like to follow my blog here is my address


Take care

iesha said...

Girl, we did the same thing with our nursery. It was our junk room for ages! Once we decided to adopt I made a decree (as queens do!) that we were not putting any non-child related item in there, period. My DH complained, but eventually he got the hint and we were able to clean and decorate. It makes it feel so real to see the baby room coming together!

Tami said...

Iesha- why can't I find your blog anymore? Would you send it to me?

Anna said...

I am not a domestic goddess, I hate cleaning! But its a must.
Enjoy the freedom before th elittle one arrives :)