Monday, May 12, 2008

Brothers & Sisters

Last night I watched the season finale of Brothers and Sisters (love that show). One of the sisters (Calista Flockhart) has been trying to get pregnant all season via natural (lots of fun) and medical assistance (no fun at all) but thus far no luck. She is heartbroken. Her husband, the very handsome Rob Lowe, said those words that no woman who has tried unsuccessfully to conceive wants to hear… “we can adopt or there is surrogacy”. She nearly bit off his head after those comments. Been there done that many times to many people. Not hearing what she felt she needed to hear from her husband she went to her sister for comfort.  As she was explaining the situation and telling her how sad and disappointed she was, her sister said something very profound to her:

“Who cares if the child is adopted or how it comes, the only thing that matters is a child and that lasts forever.”

Can I get an amen? At the end of the show, she and her husband decided that they would choose adoption to begin their family.  Now I can stalk the show to see another family’s adoption journey.  It may only be TV but it will be fun to watch.  Just what I need, another distraction to my already distracted life! :-) 


haze said...

Interesting. I haven't watched much of this last season and I missed the finale.

This is a popular show, so I hope that Calista, being an adoptive parent herself, will keep the producers from airing any stupid, stereotyping adoption storylines.

Maybe I feel follow more closer next season.

Tami said...

I forgot Calista is an adoptive Mom. Let's pray there won't be any stupid story lines. Only time will tell.

Jocelyn said...

I was pretty excited too!! I love this show!

Anonymous said...

I saw it too. Isn't it interesting that SOOOO many shows and television comericals are talking about adoption - kids shows such as Sesame Street and Arthur as well as adult shows.

Crazy how some ads can be so extremely insensitive to adoptive families. You would think that someone would screen these things before the go out to the public.


Tasha said...

I just can't get past that stupid look on Calista's pinched, chipmunk face throughout the show. It's distracting. It's like she only knows one acting style.. the same as when she was on Ally McBeal.

Okay.. so this was off-topic.